Chanel Dupes: Are Chanel Bag Dupes Worth The Money?

With Chanel’s insane prices increasing year after year, more girls are turning to cheaper alternatives such as Chanel Bag Dupes. In this post I’m going to talk about why you SHOULDN’T waste your money on a dupe, and get a high quality Chanel Replica instead.

No matter your style, I’m yet to meet a girl who doesn’t love Chanel’s Timeless style. Whether it be the Classic Flap, the reissue or the boy bag, they’ve got a size and design for every taste. Chanel has always been a top-tier fashion house up there with Hermès, meaning that they rarely introduce new designs, and their bags all have massive resale value, with some models selling for double, if not triple what they were bought for.

As mentioned above however, the prices for some of their bags are rapidly approaching 5 figures USD, being increased by $500 this year alone. So why should we have to put up with these prices? We shouldn’t, let’s get straight to the point. I’m trying to get you the closest product possible to the real thing, for the lowest price. If this is what you are looking for, Chanel bag dupes are not the answer, and here’s why.

Chanel Dupe Bags Comparisons

So let’s take a quick look at some Chanel dupe bags and compare them to their authentic and high quality replica counterparts, shall we?

Chanel Classic Flap Dupe

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Fortunately, we have an authentic AND a replica Chanel classic flap with us to compare to the dupe model. Just take a look at the picture to see how close the replica is to the original, it’s like looking at a mirror!

chanel dupe


Now for a brand that’s renowned for their leather, the dupes are really kinda just… bad. This is either bad leather or straight up plastic, I’m not 100% sure, but it doesn’t have a nice smell. Maybe after airing it out a few days it’ll smell acceptable.

One thing’s for sure is that it doesn’t feel very delicate, I could run my car key across this and not scratch it, which for some people may be a benefit.


Obviously it’s not even comparable, I don’t know why anyone would want a dupe that openly says “THIS IS NOT A CHANEL BAG BUT I’M TRYING TO LOOK LIKE ONE”. Just get the replica and have people think you’ve got a real bag instead.

The chain is laughable, it feels like plastic instead of being weighty like the authentic and rep has. Plus, it makes a funny noise when worn over the shoulder. Personally, this feels like the fake jewellery that broke me out in a rash when I was 16.

Chanel Boy Bag Dupe

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chanel boy dupe


This dupe is almost certainly not leather, it’s plastic through and through which only makes the caviar texture look and feel funny. The quilting on the dupe’s chevrons is ultra-puffy, almost pillow-like when I touch it. Totally not even remotely close to the authentic or replica.


The clasp at the front is the biggest offender, they didn’t even come close to the double backwards Cs that make the Chanel logo. Please note that the replica is a different model than the authentic, so the hardware is supposed to be dulled instead of shiny. It’s more bad news for the dupe as the chain feels cheap and doesn’t hang right. Another 0/10 for me.

Chanel 19 Dupe

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chanel 19 dupe


This is the only dupe that I can say for certain is leather, however it still lacks the luxurious leather feel, leading me to believe it’s not a premium cut. It also doesn’t have the correct “sheen” when under light. But it’s definitely actual leather and not plastic, so that’s a +1.


I guess this is as close as the logo can come to an authentic, but it’s still obviously not the Chanel logo, and the chain is plasticky. So you’re probably wondering about the logos by now, let me explain why dupes are so bad to you.

This is why dupes always have been and always will be a no-go for me. You’re buying dupes because you want a Chanel bag, but can’t afford one (which is completely understandable). So why settle for dupes which are half a product, when you could get a high-quality replica?

Most likely because you’re unsure of where to get a high quality chanel rep from without being scammed? Well, that’s where we can help you. So now you can sleep easy knowing that you won’t have to buy these cheap, nasty unbranded Chanel dupe bags anymore!

But in all seriousness I don’t think I, or any other girl I know, could take anyone seriously if they were wearing a Chanel dupe, either go all the way and get a high quality replica, or don’t even bother.

Chanel Dupes Have Bad Leather Quality

Chanel’s leather is next to none in terms of quality. Their lambskin is BUTTERY soft, even to the point I’m afraid to damage it on my high-quality replicas. Their caviar is tougher, but SUPER hard to replicate.

Fortunately, the high-quality rep makers have done so, and authenticators need a freakin’ MICROSCOPE to authenticate the bags it’s so good. But on the whole, if you’re a clumsy girl like me, or you’re just afraid of scratching your bag, stick with the caviar.

Sadly, none of the Chanel Dupes I ordered to test even came close to good quality leather (or even being leather in the first place). I’m sick and tired of girls wasting their hard-earned dough on smelly PVC plastic bags, or dupe bags made from leather that has been swept up off the slaughterhouse floor.

Why do it when you can get yourself a high quality replica, save $10,000 and STILL sleep with it smelling the lovely high quality leather? And yes I DO sleep with my Chanel bags thank you very much, I’m not even embarrassed to admit it!

Chanel Dupes Have Puffy Quilting

Chanel are known for their quilted styles. Both the chevron and diamond designs have it. The main feature of the quilting is the flatness of it in authentic and high-quality Chanel replicas. You see when you bunch up material like that, it usually puffs out. It’s a testament to Chanel’s quality craftmanship that they can keep the quilting so flat, and the replicas manage to replicate it perfectly.

The dupes however though are puffy as heck, they literally look like bubble wrap and frankly, I’d be embarrassed to be seen with one in public. The puffiness is a massive callout, and any girl who knows anything about Chanel bags will be able to see it from a very long way away. The dupes I have reviewed sadly instantly fail the naked eye test, and not just because they don’t have the correct logo on them.

Don’t Buy Chanel Dupe Bags From Untrustworthy Websites

Many dupe websites employ all the tactics of typical scammers within the replica industry. The classic fake reviews and misleading photos. The product you buy on the website is very rarely the product you get.

If you see a dupe website with nothing but 5-star reviews, or an Instagram full of photos saying how amazing they are, turn around and run. It’s amazing how many people are fooled by these tactics but I see them constantly.

They also pay influencers to openly lie about the quality of their bags and their customer service. Dupe bags are such a dishonest industry that I recommend you don’t support them.


As a girl who has fully explored the world of high quality Chanel replicas, it pains me to see girls still falling for these low quality Chanel Dupes, and the result was no different when I discussed Louis Vuitton Dupes either. One you have your first taste of a real high quality Chanel replica, you’ll never go back. The only problem is the addiction to replicas (which is very real by the way).

All in all, I unfortunately cannot recommend buying any Chanel dupe bag in good faith. But fear not! We are here to save you, take you by the hand and introduce you to the world of replica handbags! As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and thanks for reading!

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