Fake Air Force 1: The Ultimate Guide To Replica Air Force Ones

If I asked you to identify the most popular footwear manufacturer and their most popular model, you’d undoubtedly mention Nike and the Air Force 1 model, with some pairs selling for up to $350,000, it’s no wonder people are searching for high quality fake Air Force 1 models. That’s the level of popularity it has.

With the diverse and visually appealing designs that it launches, the brand manages to leave not just sneakerheads but even ordinary people in awe. Without a question, Nike is one of the best among athletic apparel and footwear manufacturers and its sneakers are definitely worth the hype, especially everyone’s favorite Nike Air Force 1 silhouettes. Although, these still are the same pair of shoes that all ordinary folks cannot purchase due to scarce availability, limited quality, and very high resale prices. But, don’t you worry because that’s when we come into the picture.

With our 1:1 replicas, you can have sneakers that look almost identical to the original ones without having to compromise on quality. And yes, without striking it rich. Stay with me till the end to explore how you can get that favorite pair of sneakers without breaking the bank. If you’re a Nike fanatic, then don’t forget to check out our article on replica Jordans!

About The Air Force 1

The world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes, Nike came to life in 1964. Among its first lines of shoes include Nike Air Max. The brand continued to experiment with different things and bring innovations from time to time. Take, for instance, the firewire that it employs to minimize weight. These breakthroughs laid the way for the brand’s success, which has continued unabated since then.

Apart from its own brand, Nike markets its products under other names. Among them is Air Force 1, founded in 1982 by Nike designer Bruce Kilgore. These sneakers stood out from the rest due to their Nike Air Technology. These samples were tested on basketball players and became a major hit. Their popularity led to them being produced by cities like New York for casual wear as well. The demand for them has never stopped ever since, and now Air Force 1 is ruling the world.

Fake Air Force 1s

fake air force 1
Can You Tell Which Pair Aren’t Real? Neither could we!

As much as it’s known for its outstanding collections, Air Force is also known for its high prices. No matter how aesthetic and comfortable the kick is, things still boil down to just one factor; Price. Their resale prices ranges from $400-8000, which is clearly not fit for the budget. But don’t worry because we’ve got you.

We’ve brought you the finest quality replicas that lie within your price range and have a build that’s almost identical to the original sneakers. Meanwhile, you no longer have to give anything up in order to purchase your favorite pair of kicks. Amazing. Isn’t it?

Anatomy of Air Force 1 Sneaker

The main parts of any sneaker include its branding labels, upper, laces, and soles. You should definitely search for the material and its stitching pattern as these tend to play a pivotal role in determining the quality and the look of the sneakers. Usually, the cheap replicas fail to give attention to these parts, ruining the whole sneaker’s look and quality. But no worries because we are here to help. We, with the best of our capability, offer you the best quality replicas that are identical to the authentic ones. From material to stitching to everything else, our replicas are exactly the same, except for the prices that have a huge difference.

Let’s begin with comparing authentic sneakers with our fake Nike Air Force 1 to analyze if they are worth it or not.

Fake Nike OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 Low ’07 ‘MoMA’ Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $175/$4000-8000
Price (fake): $100
Total savings: $75
Sizes Available: All
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Just like any other Nike sneaker, this didn’t fail to leave the world stunned with its looks. These sneakers were limited addition and became one of the most sold shoes in Nike history. The shoe features a round toe, a lace-up front fastening, and side branding. The official color of the kick is black and the white laces seem to level up the entire game of the kicks. On the medial and lateral sides is the silver swoosh which gives off the metallic effect. The toe box also contains perforations for proper ventilation. Together, the white and black color combined with the silver swoosh gives the sneaker its signature look.

Authentic vs Fake

Is there really a need for you to throw thousands of dollars just on a pair of sneakers? Let’s find out.

Look and Feel

The main reason why these pairs became the talk of the town was the classic look they had. Where other cheap replicas fail to provide you with the neat look and comfort and the expensive brand seems to take away all your money, we’ve done our best to bring you the most authentic-looking silhouettes that are both comfortable and within a decent range of money.

These sneakers look so much like the originals ones that with the original in one hand and the replica in the other, you will not be able to them apart. Not just the looks, we actually keep the comfort of our beloved sneakerheads in mind, so that nothing is compromised and you get 100% satisfaction. What else can you ask for?


Let it be the design, material, or anything else, our replicas are built with the highest attention to detail. Before buying replicas sneakers, one question you would probably ask yourself is whether these kicks will last long or not. And trust me, the answer can’t be yes unless the quality of the material is really good. And hence, to ensure our replicas are durable, we selected similar leather for the sneakers. But does that mean you have to compromise on comfort? Absolutely not. The insoles, outsoles, and everything else look similar to the original sneakers and provide you with the most comfort.

Fake Off-White x Air Force 1 Low ‘The Ten’ Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $170/ $2000-4000
Price (fake): $100
Total savings: $70
Sizes Available: All
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This is the piece from ‘The Ten’ collection and is best known for the translucent look that it features. The overall building maintains a normal Air Force 1 look. The whole shoe appears to be off-white and the branding as well is done in an off-white color, which is yet another thing all sneakerheads went crazy for.

Authentic vs Fake

Can replicas provide you the identical sneakers for lesser money? Let’s get the answer.


For all the sneakers, design and details have to be the most important part. After all, that’s what sneakerheads always fall for. And just like we always say, here again, we made your interest and likes our top priority. From its color to material to every minute detail, we mimicked it all to bring you the best replica of all time. We started from the same off-white color and the translucent look it’s famous for. We then added the rough suede alongside laces, another prominent feature, to make it look similar to the real one. The story doesn’t end here. We went further and added the textured laces and off-white branding across the shoe, all of which are unique to this particular sneakers. So what makes our replica separate from the real kicks? NOTHING. We let nothing escape our observation and brought you a 1:1 replica.

Look and Feel

As I assured you earlier, you don’t need to compromise on anything. If you ever have the experience of wearing cheap replicas, you might have observed that the look is never neat and the finishing is just never on point. The end result of this is you regret the decision to buy them. Well, never again. We brought you, the replica that looks so neat you can’t even tell the two apart. We promise you the most authentic-looking replicas and good and good vibes only.

On-foot experience

One thing that matters at the end of the day is on-foot experience. That’s what kicks are all about. And what you desire is what we provide. Not only will you feel comfortable wearing them, our replicas make sure to provide you with the best on-foot experience. They also spare you off your worries of kicks developing wrinkles, because we believe in providing quality in everything. Additionally, these sneakers fit true to size, so you don’t have to worry about them either.

Fake PEACEMINUSONE x Air Force 1 Low “Para-Noise 2.0” Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $200/ $400-600
Price (Rep): $100
Total savings: $100
Sizes Available: All (men)
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This pair was one of the most anticipated of Nike releases. The pair comes out dressed in white with a black colored Nike swoosh and shoelaces. This seemingly basic pair reveals incredible details once you have a closer look at them. This sought-after pair stood out from the rest because of the upper layer of the kicks that peel off to reveal the print underneath. Not only this, the upper eyelets are bigger than the rest and come with beautiful accessories. Even the insoles weren’t left unattended as they have this beautiful print on them which varies for both shoes. Everything about them was is just incredible and sneakerheads couldn’t help falling in love with them.

Authentic vs Fake

Allow us to draw a detailed comparison for you and help you make the right decision the right way.


We compared the authentic pairs with the replicas by putting them side by side, and you will be shocked to know that the two looked almost identical. Starting with the basic details.

The fake counterpart sports the same white color and is finished off with black swoosh and laces. We didn’t overlook a single thing and made sure to bring to you the best material with the accurate design and the most precise details. Does it have an embroidered peaceminusone logo on the tongue? Yes. Does the upper layer peel off to reveal the print? For sure, there’s no way we can forget that. Even the stitching is almost the same and neatness is as perfect as in the authentic ones. However, the Nike swoosh might be about half a cm lower on the fake one, but that’s barely noticeable. The midsoles, insoles, and toe boxes, nothing escaped our eyes and we present you the most perfect piece of replica you can ever get your hands on.


The 1:1 fake Air Force 1 sneaker fits true to size and gives off the same vibe and aesthetic.

Fake Nike Air Force 1 Low ’07 QS Valentine’s Day “Love Letter” Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $130/300-700
Price (fake): $90
Total savings: $40
Sizes Available: All
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The Nike AF 1 love letter has been the most hyped valentine’s day release and was sold as soon as they were released. The signature look sported three different colors; tulip pink, white, and university red, leaving our hearts fluttering. Nike also managed to come up with the minute details such as heart perforations instead of circular ones and a tongue that opens like a card to reveal a heart graphic.

These details were enough for sneakerheads to go crazy over the pair.

Authentic vs. Fake

Let’s now compare the original ones with the fake Air force 1s to see if there’s any difference between the two.


The overall look, design, and materials of the replica are all exactly the same and can’t be differentiated from the original one. The original sneaker is made out of leather and suede. If you check the replica, it also is made of the same material. We have combined the materials in a way that exactly mimics the original one, giving off that same classy look and providing you the same level of comfort.


The best part about Nike Air force 1s is, as every sneaker fan says, their details. From heart perforations to the tongue that opens like a card to the contrasting swoosh that did its best job at amplifying the overall look of the kicks, our 1:1 replicas have got it all. With details as much as these, even the experts can mistake the replicas for authentic ones.


Where other cheaper kicks show terrible issues with craftsmanship, we have yet again managed to come up with the best of it. Despite the minute details and different materials used, you won’t find any glue stains and stray threads. Neither will you have any issues with the embroidery. Our 1:1 sneakers are as neat as they can get and as irresistible as one can imagine.

Fit and Comfort

These kicks fit true to size and offer the most on-foot comfort. The soft rubber on the inside and hard rubber on the outside provide traction. Akin to the original sneakers, our replicas provide you with the utmost comfort, ensuring that your feet are feeling the love.

Fake Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka “Gypsy Rose” Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $130/$200-$300
Price (Rep): $80
Total savings: $50
Sizes Available: All (men and women)
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The Air Force 1 sneakers are notorious for having a big impact on the market, and this one didn’t disappoint. This pair features an all-rose upper constructed with fine leather. Suede heel tab and swoosh adds a premium feel, with a hit of black colored embroidered stitches over the heel tab. Abruptly cut eyestays presents a wild take on the classic Air Force 1s, complete with tonal laces for a classic aesthetic. The seemingly endless detail and flawless construction are enough to drop our jaws with an all-white sole.

Authentic Vs Fake

So, what is it about our replicas that entices you to buy them? Let’s compare the two to their fine details and find all the answers.


This particular pair is best known for its impeccable design and endless details and our replicated silhouette is exactly the same. The leather feels very smooth and premium. Akin to the authentic one, our 1:1 replica has soft suede touches and additional rubber detail. The branding, stitching, color, and everything else is spot on and is indistinguishable from the genuine pair.

On foot experience

The on-foot experience is pretty much similar to that of the authentic ones. Long-lasting traction is provided by the full-length rubber with circular tread. The insoles are built of soft material, ensuring both comfort and grip.

Where to get Fake Air Force 1s

First things first. Don’t google fake Air Force 1s and order them from the top websites that pop up. Because chances are likely that you will be scammed. They will either bait-and-switch you or make you pay two times the original price. In short, there’s no way you can get your desired 1:1 replicas from these untrusted google sellers. What else can you do then? Always go through the reviews and do a thorough research. The best thing to do would be to order straight from the factories.


The question comes again. Are fake Air Force 1s worth buying? The answer is 100% yes. The quality of these silhouettes is near original and pretty identical to the authentic pair. These pairs display fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. They give the impression as if they are made using the same resources, and even an expert would find to very difficult to tell them apart.

So, if you’re looking for high quality 1:1 rep sneakers that offer great value for money, perform well, and are comfortable to wear, then you should definitely reach out to us. Purchase our fake Air Force 1s for the greatest quality, lowest prices, and best on-foot experience. And as Nike says, JUST DO IT!

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