Fake Bapesta Sneakers – The Ultimate Guide To Replica Bapesta

Bapestas are undoubtedly one of the best kicks to ever enter the game, and as the prices are ever increasing on sites like Stockx, it’s no surprise sneakerheads are turning to fake Bapesta or Replica bapesta. They have always had a solid reputation and have been adored by bapeheads, from being the most hyped to being sold out within seconds of their release. Aside from being known for their aesthetics, Bapestas are famous for one more thing, its resale price. The skyrocketing price appears to be out of reach for most people’s budgets. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered!

With our 1:1 fake Bapestas, you can have sneakers that look identical to your desired pair while staying within budget. Stay with me to explore how these fake Bapestas can level your entire kicks game up.

About Bapestas

One of the most hyped brands out there, A Bathing Ape is a Japanese brand that was founded by Nigo in 1993. A Bathing Ape also known as BAPE, is a fashion brand that specializes in lifestyle and streetwear for men, women, and adults. The BAPE Bapesta first came out in the year 2000 and immediately caught the eye of the fans for being strikingly similar to the iconic silhouette Nike Air Force 1.

From its unique materials to its vibrant color schemes, the kicks had everything any sneakerhead could ever fantasize about. The brand made references to the pop culture artifacts, and soon the kicks made their way into the hearts of hip-hop artists and streetwear kids alike.

The silhouette’s design clearly spoke that the brand has taken great inspiration from Nike’s Air Force 1’s. From its perforated toe boxes to midsole branding, the idea seems to be derived from the Air Force release of 1982(read our article on fake Air Force 1s).

Because of their similarities, they were dubbed, “blatant Air Force 1 knockoffs,” but we’re here to disprove that claim. The subtle differences such as the lightning star replacing the swoosh, and ‘APE’ or ‘BAPE’ replacing the ‘AIR’ are there. And the fact that Bapesta sneakers are often made of patent leather, unlike Air Force 1s, is a statement on its own.

Fake BAPESTAs – The Important Parts

fake bapesta
Replica vs Authentic Bapestas, can you tell the difference?

If you are a true sneakerhead, you should know how vital the sneaker branding labels, soles, and laces are. And how the stitching has the power to make or break the look is undeniable. Therefore, we present you with the best fake Bapesta that are identical to the original kicks, offering fine craftsmanship and the highest quality.

Unlike other sellers out there, we have paid the highest attention to detail while maintaining the low price so that you get to enjoy the sneakers without spending a fortune. We do, after all, care about you.

Let’s now compare the fake Bapestas to the real ones so you can make an informed decision


Price (authentic retail/resale): $212 (not available through)/$9000-$18,000
Price (Rep): $150
Total savings: thousands of dollars
Sizes Available: All
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This was Bapesta’s first-ever release, and it didn’t disappoint in making history. It was also Kanye’s first collaboration, with just a limited number of copies available, and guess what? The sneakers were quickly out of stock.

The sneaker sports red, brown, and cream colors and presents a standard leather texture. The outer sides feature a dropout bear, a character featured on Kanye’s 2004 and 2005 albums. The use of red appears to improve the appearance of kicks. The pair have gotten beautiful details, like red stitching around the ‘STA’, tricolor ‘APE’ on the midsole, and the heel tab with ‘BAPE’ embroidered. The shine on this knock-off was what captivated our hearts. All of these explain why these pairs became the most famous pairs of Bapestas to ever release.

Design and details

What’s the grand idea of buying fake sneakers when they don’t give off that exact look that you dreamt of? We understand your concern and hence made sure our fake Bapestas look identical to the original ones. From leather to stitching patterns to its unique color schemes, we mimicked it all to bring you the best silhouette of all time. And if you are wondering if we did justice to that dropout bear. Trust me, we did. We did a thorough comparison between the original kicks and the fake replicas and found no difference. Amazing. Isn’t it?

On foot experience

Instead of patent leather, the kicks were crafted from standard leather, and we didn’t overlook this detail. The insoles and outsoles are all made of similar material to give you the same comfort and on-foot experience. However, if you buy our 1:1 replicas, you can get to enjoy the same sense of luxury at a price as low as this. This we can promise.

Replica BAPESTA x Marvel Comics: “Captain America”

Price (authentic retail/resale): $150 (not available at retail) / $700
Price (Rep): $110
Total savings: $600
Sizes Available: All
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Bapestas partnered with Marvel Comics in 20005 to release a line of kicks and the outcome was what all the marvel fans went on their knees for. Among all, the silver surfer kicks were sold the fastest. It was certainly a crazy idea to transform our favorite Captain America character into the kicks, but the packaging did an excellent job of tugging at our heartstrings, making it the most sought-after pair on the market.

The pair comes out dressed in red, white and blue hues and presents its classic patent leather. The purple toe box, eyelets, midsoles, quarter panel, and heel tab contrast against the blue base and the white star, taking the whole look to the next level. Marvel fans don’t hesitate from calling it a masterpiece.


Our replicated silhouette bears no difference from the genuine one. We sported the same contrasting colors that captivated your hearts. The heel counter presents a perfect image of Captain America. Even the soles weren’t left unattended. Unlike cheaper replicas, you will not find any stray threads or glue stains in the kicks. Rather, we followed the stitching pattern of the genuine ones so that no matter how many retakes you have on the sneakers, you will not find any difference


I knew you have been waiting for this part. And we realize that things have to be authentic. Don’t they? The backside has got similar marvel art. It also has the same plastic case that shows our classic sneakers even from far away. The fine craftsmanship combined with the unconventional packaging delivers the whole marvel package, and we have no doubt you will enjoy it.


Price (authentic retail/resale): $200-$700
Price (Rep): $110
Total savings: $100-600
Sizes Available: All
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The brand doesn’t hesitate from going creative with kicks, and crazy it went this time. Instead of experimenting with vibrant colorways, the brand pushed boundaries and experimented with a snakeskin textured leather patent. Bapeheads fell instantly in love with this unique pair and the brand once again saw its kicks being sold instantly.

The sneaker features a very classic black and white color combination. It has hits of white on the side panel, toe box, and midsoles, and the other parts have textured black and grey python snakeskin. The midsoles and toe box bear usual branding and snakeskin are made of our favorite patent leather, giving sneakers conventional and unconventional aesthetics alike.


It’s the design of these sneakers that left our hearts fluttering. And so we mimicked the silhouette to the minutest detail and employed the craftsmanship that resulted in the exact copy of the kicks. In contrast to the cheaper alternatives, which fail to respect the texture of the patent leather, we’ve yet again managed to meet all your expectations. From materials to construction to finishing, we considered everything to present you with the finest fake Bapestas you can ever get your hands on.

Wear and tear

The Bapesta snakeskin low comes with a sole that offers to cushion and comfort simultaneously. Since our patent leather is quite similar to that of the original ones, it promises to be more durable. However, opting for other cheaper alternatives will leave you disappointed as sneakers get creased in no time. They are also not finished as neatly and have problems with shape, branding, and whatnot. Buying fake Bapestas from us spares you of all your worries so that you can enjoy the luxury and grandeur of them only.

Where to get the best fake Bapesta sneakers?

First things first. Never google fake Bapestas and order them from the top sellers you come across. There are huge chances of you getting bait-and-switched that way. If not, then you’ll be fooled into paying double the original price. Meanwhile, it’s your loss either way. What should you do then? Well, order direct from the factories after doing thorough research, and you will be saved.


Let’s revisit the question. Are our fake Bapestas worth buying? A 100% yes. The quality of our pairs is almost identical to the genuine ones. We’ve managed to feature the exact color hues, and the patent leather, the Bapesta is famous for. The craftsmanship is so fine and the details so intricate that even the experts would find it hard to distinguish between the two.

Our 1:1 fake Bapestas are a great value for money and are the best in every aspect, let it be quality, look, or comfort. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us for the best quality, lowest price, and a good on-foot experience.

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