Fake Golden Goose – The Ultimate Guide To Replica Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose have skyrocketed in to popularity recently, and with some of their pre-distressed models selling for over $400, it’s no surprise people are looking for high-quality fake Golden Goose sneakers to rock.

fake golden goose
Our Fake Golden Goose Sneakers – Can you tell the difference?

Golden Goose, one of the most adored brands, had the strength to change the entire course of fashion the moment they got into the business. The distressed kicks were an innovation sneakerheads instantly went crazy over. The brand was clever enough to sport aesthetics that targeted everyone from high fashion stylists to streetwear kids and hence, had its spell all over the world.  Although we agree that Golden Goose has its fanbase, we still can’t deny that its skyrocketing price remains out of common people’s reach. But don’t you worry.

With our fake Golden Goose, we promise to provide you with the best replicas. From broken-in-looking kicks to leather as soft as butter, to diversified accents, we’ve managed to bring it all at a price you can afford.

Before anything, let’s first discuss the Golden Goose.

Golden Goose: A History

The brainchild of Venetian designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, Golden Goose was born in 2000 and hasn’t stopped ever since. The brand rose to popularity because of its distressed aesthetics, which represented that the sneakers have been on a loved journey as evidenced by every scuff and tear.

However, the ‘worn’ look doesn’t compromise quality and craftsmanship. With materials such as calfskin leather and loopback cotton and artisans working from the footwear capital of the world, the outcome is destined to be amazing. And this isn’t the end of it. The brand launches an array of designs experimenting with vibrant colors and other aspects, and the only thing that remains intact here is uniqueness. Every pair of sneakers is handcrafted and distressed by hand to give it a lived-in look, so that each pair, like us, has its own unique story.

The seemingly infinite collection of sneakers might prove overwhelming. And we are here to solve your dilemma on what sneaker to get your hands on.

Which Golden Goose sneakers should you buy?

Fake Golden Goose Superstar Review

Price (authentic): $525
Price (Rep): $55
Total savings: $475
Sizes Available: All
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The superstar was one of the most sought-after releases of the brand, known for its color pop star and branding on its heel and tongue. The upper is made up of a pre-distressed quality leather with a suede star. The pair is finished with a silver heel tab and metal stud branding for that classic GGDB style.

Authentic Vs Replica

Are our 1:1 replicas worth buying? Let’s find out.

Pre-distressed look

All the sneakerheads fall for this pair because of its ‘used’ look, and we made sure to provide you with that. The leather is pre-creased and the shoelaces are dyed to look dirty. If you have a close look at the authentic kicks, you will realize that the distressing on the right kick is different from the left one. That’s exactly what we’ve done to ensure our replicas differ from the original one in no way.  We followed the mantra of making kicks look perfectly imperfect so they look touched with life and you could feel at home wearing them.

The wedge insole

This part of the Golden Goose just can not be ignored. We can easily add a few inches to our height and we love it. Furthermore, the freedom to remove them at any time makes it even better.  We understood the assignment and hence brought forth the knock-offs with removable wedge insoles so you can easily enjoy playing with them. However, we did prioritize your comfort and provided you with a cushion in the back heel so the sneakers don’t dig into the back of your ankle.

On-foot experience

On-foot experience is yet another factor that we prioritized while manufacturing fake Golden Goose for you. Just like the original kicks, we scuffed the sole near the heel to make them comfortable to walk in. We further employed the same premium leather, and similar toweling cloth on the insides of the shoe to bring you the replicas that aren’t just identical in terms of looks but also provide you the same on-foot experience.

Fake Golden Goose White BallStar Review

Price (authentic): $545
Price (Rep): $70
Total savings: $475
Sizes Available: All
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Not mentioning this iconic release would be a slap on the face of all the sneakerheads out there. The pair is heavily inspired by 80’s culture and American Basketball and is a fusion of modern styling with a vintage aesthetic. The pair sports a white leather upper while the red GGDB star and heel tab seems to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Authentic Vs Replica

Did we succeed in making the best Fake Golden Goose ever? Keep reading to reach a decision.


While all other brands offer uniformity, Golden Goose gets out of the lane to strive for uniqueness. Just like any other pair, this too was unique and sneakerheads just couldn’t get enough of it. This is exactly what we did with our replicas. We gave them the finishes and special treatments and marked them with scuffs to give them that touched-by-life look.


The distressed aesthetic isn’t just restricted to its looks, but it’s also very practical. Starting with the soles that are made of rubber to provide traction.  The knock-offs come pre-distressed and hence don’t offer any stiffness. Where average shoes take time to become soft and fit us perfectly, Fake Golden Goose takes no break-in period and is ready to hit the street the moment it reaches you.

All-season wearable

Starting with the worn look they carry that makes these kicks wearable with every casual outfit in every season. We also managed to use the same premium leather and other materials which make them durable and water-proof. Last but not least, the interior lining of the kicks bear loopback cotton toweling material. This makes the shoes warm in winter and cool in the summer so that these sneakers are pleasant to wear all year round. So what separates our replicas from the genuine pair? NOTHING.

Fake Golden Goose Pure Star Review

Price (authentic): $395
Price (Rep): $60
Total savings: $335
Sizes Available: All
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The pure star was one of the most hyped knock-offs in the brand’s history. Unlike other kicks of the Golden Goose collection, this didn’t reflect Golden Goose’s contemporary aesthetic. Instead, the brand changed the norm and experimented with a clean-cut sleek look. The pair comes out featuring optical white color throughout the sneaker, including the tongue and the Golden Goose star, and the contrasting black heel adds to the overall aesthetic.

Authentic Vs Replica

What is it about our replicas that you should consider? Let’s analyze the two to conclude.


The Purestar stands out from other pairs because of its neat vibes and we did our best to come up with an overall sculpted silhouette so there’s not a single part that remains overlooked. Our fake Golden Goose features the exact color contrast, the identical GoldenGoose star, and the branding on the tongue and midsoles. Akin to the genuine sneakers, our replicas are stitched to perfection without any stray threads or glue stains so that you get that premium look and vibes that we promised.


The kicks aren’t just about the aesthetics, but the comfort as well. Because who likes getting their feet sweaty? The brand agreed to take the note and we respected it. The inside of the shoe is lined with cloth to absorb sweat and the sneakers have three holes on the medial side for breathability, just like the original ones. So that no matter what the weather is, you can always enjoy these kicks and take the best benefit of them.

Fit and comfort

Our 1:1 replicated silhouette endures the same features and design all along and is made in the best manner to provide you the utmost comfort that Golden Goose sneakers are characterized for. The kicks also fit true to size, leaving no apparent difference between the two.

In short, our fake Golden Goose offers you the same aesthetic knock-offs that all sneakerheads can’t stop dreaming of, with the same level of comfort and with the best pricing offer you can imagine. What else can you ask for?

Major Difference

No, don’t hold your breath. This will serve you well and will fall light on your pocket. Yes, you guessed it right. Price.  From premium quality materials to minutest details to pre-distressed look to even branding. Our fake Golden Goose has got it all but at a lot less price. Imagine getting your favorite pair of kicks from your favorite brand without paying top dollar for it. Amazing. Isn’t it?

Where to get them

Our purpose is to protect you from scammers. And how do you do that? By avoiding purchases from untrusted google sellers. The best way to get your kicks without any issue is to order them direct from the factories. For more information, check out our guide on how to buy high-quality replica sneakers.


Is it worthwhile to purchase our fake Golden Goose? Yes, absolutely. I mean, you get premium quality, a distinct distressed look that is unique to each sneaker, and the best on-foot experience for the lowest possible price. Why pay more when you can get the same pair for significantly less? That makes sense. Right? Contact us to get the best fake Golden Goose ever to keep up with the trends while saving yourself some bucks.

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