Fake Gucci Belt: The Ultimate Guide To Replica Gucci Belts

Do we have a treat for you today boys and girls! Today, we’re looking at how to get a good quality fake Gucci Belt. Now yes, I know this blog mainly posts about replica handbags, but we’re gonna talk about Gucci belt replicas today!

The Gucci belt has spread rapidly throughout the fashion world, fitting in any outfit, regardless of if it’s casual or formal. I’ve seen this worn in so many different ways I’m beginning to doubt that they should even call it a “belt” anymore. With seemingly 1 million different gucci belt models, We’ve got 3 different models of Fake Gucci Belts to look at today, so let’s get into it shall we?

Fake Gucci Belts: What To Look For

So, what are the primary giveaways of Gucci belts? I think there are much less giveaway signs in comparison to say, a replica handbag, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any at all, so let’s have a look.

Fake gucci belt

Leather Quality

When it comes to leather belts, the quality of the leather is paramount. Belts are made using more durable leather than handbags and such. This means that the belt should feel strong, and sturdy while also having that distinct leather smell. The stitching is also important, look at the stitching in the low-quality replica, it’s awful!

Canvas Design

This is more for the non-leather Fake designer belts. Brands such as LV and Fendi will imprint their signature pattern on to the belt, so this has to be accurate. We’ve all seen how bad some handbag dupes can be when it comes to this, so it’s very important that the pattern is right. Gucci’s famous GG canvas, as seen on certain Gucci Dionysus models and all over their clothing, is generally a light honeycomb colour.

The Buckle

There are multiple factors at play when it comes to the buckle of a Gucci Belt. First is obviously the shape. It’s important that the 2 intersecting Gs are correctly rounded and have the right angling on them. Next is the colour, while some models are matte and some are shiny, the most important thing is that they have a “yellow sheen” to them.

As you can see in the picture, the low quality replica’s buckle just doesn’t have any “sheen” at all. The shape of the Gs is also way off, the top isn’t point enough and the part on the right where it goes in to the middle is slanted instead of straight. Not only that but there are scuff marks on the low-quality rep before it’s even been worn! Another point for the high-quality replica.

Evenly Spaced Holes

This one really goes without saying but is worth mentioning anyway. If you’re paying £600 for a belt, the holes better be symmetrical. This goes for a replica of it, nobody will believe your belt is real if the holes are wonky. So avoid cheap fakes that often have problems with this.


On the back of any Gucci belt, there will be some text imprinted. While nobody will see the back of your belt, if you’re a stickler for making sure your replicas are as close to the authentic as possible, this imprinting should have significant depth to it.

Fake Gucci GG Belt Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $600/$50
Savings: $550!
Sizes available: All
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Leather Quality

Upon opening the DHGate Fake Gucci Belt packaging, I was expecting to be greeted with the same old plastic PVC smell that I have from almost everything I’ve ordered from there.

However, I was pleasantly surprised, this belt is definitely real leather, and it feels the part too. The texture in hand, when compared with the authentic Gucci belt is pretty good. It’s strong, sturdy leather that has the same grainy texture.

Leather-wise this is totally passable.


The logo is usually the primary concern when it comes to Fake Gucci Belts. Buying this from DHgate I thought it’d be light and flimsy, just like most of the hardware on the rep handbags I got from DHGate, but I was proven wrong once again!

It’s sturdy (perfect to use as a weapon!), and it’s basically indistinguishable from the authentic. It’s got the right amount of shininess and yellowness to it. Also, the shape is basically spot on. Unless someone literally has their face in your crotch and an authentic Gucci belt in hand, they won’t be seeing the slight differences.


The imprinting on the back is where this Fake Gucci Belt falls a bit short. Fortunately, it’s on the back, where nobody will ever see. If you think people getting close to the logo is crazy, can you imagine someone trying to look at the back of your belt? It’s just a little too shallow in comparison to the authentic, but this is no problem at all.

Reversible Fake Gucci Belt With Interlocking Gs Review

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Savings: $635!
Sizes available: All
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Now here is a unique belt. With it being reversible, you are basically getting two products for the price of one here. Despite making up only half of the belt, the leather still feels great. As for the canvas, it feels good, and is a perfect color match with the authentic. The Gs are also perfectly aligned and symmetrical.


With the Gs facing eachother this time instead of being in line, it’s easier to spot flaws. The great thing is that there are literally none. This buckle is spot on. Not much else to say. Holding the authentic next to it, I can see or feel no difference at all.

Fake Gucci Signature Leather Belt Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $550/$60
Savings: $490!
Sizes available: All
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Leather Quality

Now this is where the leather quality really shines through. With the engraving on this model, it’s important that the leather is high quality enough to remain sturdy, despite having deep imprints of the Gucci logo into it. This high-quality fake Gucci belt feels amazing, I love running my fingers over it and feeling the luxurious double G logo.

It smells just like it has come off the cow’s back. The leather has a little more sheen to it than the GG belt we reviewed first, but this is the way it’s supposed to be.


Having the same reversed G buckle as the reversible belt we reviewed, I’m quite sure it’s the same. So, no need to go into depth, but it’s perfect.


Overall, for the price I paid for these Fake Gucci Belts, they’re the best I’ve ever seen, just like replica Gucci Bags, stick with sellers of high-quality replicas and you’ll always get an amazing product. Don’t waste your money on low quality replica belts on websites like DHGate, they won’t be real leather and the buckles will probably be made of plastic! Get yourself a high-quality replica and watch all your friends be mad jealous of your new belt!

As usual, thanks for reading and if you have any questions regarding replicas, just ask!

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