Fake Jordans: The Ultimate Guide To Replica Air Jordan Sneakers

With pairs of Jordans selling for upwards of $25,000 on StockX, it’s no surprise that more and more people are searching for high quality fake Jordans.

The Jordan Brand continues to be one of the most hyped sneaker brands of all time ever since its first release. Every sneakerhead dreams of owning Air Jordans and adding them to its sneaker collection. The popularity of these sneakers has risen to a form of currency, and people purchase, collect and even resell them for big bucks. If you want to flaunt these much-deemed sneakers, then brace yourself because either they are going to be very difficult to get your hands on or will leave a hole in your pocket because of their high resale value in the second-hand market.

Do you want to parade in the most-anticipated sneaker styles of all time? If yes, then we’re offering you an amazing alternative where you can purchase the highest quality 1:1 replicas of your favorite sneakers. Keep reading further to learn more about Air Jordan and its highest quality reps.

About The Jordan Brand

Air Jordan is a timeless classic American athletic brand produced by the Swoosh brand, Nike. Air Jordan was created exclusively for its namesake basketball legend, Michael Jordan in 1984. This brand was created in Chicago when Michael Jordan was playing for the Chicago Bulls. The sneakers produced by them were then released to the public in 1985.

The classic Air Jordan sneakers were worn by Michael Jordan on the court and were designed by Nike. The “Jumpman” logo honors every Air Jordan shoe and presents a picture of the man himself. These sneakers offer great designs along with a comfortable fit and excellent performance. Produced with the highest quality materials, these sneakers are often released in limited quantities and are demanded by millions of people in the world.

With their soaring demand, it’s very difficult to get your hands on an Air Jordan colorway. But, don’t you worry because this is where we come to rescue your pocket without compromising on the style with replica Air Jordan sneakers.

Replica Air Jordan Sneakers

Fake Jordans
Travis Scott Jordans – Replica vs Real, can you tell the difference? Didn’t think so.

On the wish list of every sneakerhead, these classics are now more coveted than ever. An average Air Jordan shoe costs from $90 to $250, while the resale value of these sneakers goes over five figures. Replica sneakers are now better than ever, most of the time they are manufactured in the same place as the original one or in nearby factories. Hence, acquiring original and near-to-original material is also easier for them. With the best craftsmanship to offer, these replicas are making rounds all over the world. Even the experts find it difficult to differentiate between authentic and replica sneakers. But the important thing is to find the highest quality 1:1 replica that matches the quality and performance of the authentic sneaker.

The anatomy of Air Jordan Sneakers

The design and material vary from one Air Jordan style to another. The common components in an AJ sneaker include the duo’s branding; Nike’s swoosh and Jordan brand’s Jumpman and ball-and-wings logo, toe box, laces or lace toggles, heel counter, mudguard, collar, and soles: insoles, outsoles, and midsoles.

If you’re looking to purchase AJ replicas, then you should check out a few of its details, such as the material used, their stitching, branding, the overall makeup of the sneakers, etc. Keep in mind, nobody is going to look down on your feet closely to see if a single stitch is going in another direction on your sneakers.

Let’s compare the authentic and replica sneakers together and see the differences between the two to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Replica Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Electro Orange” Review

Let’s begin reviewing the sneakers with the classic AJ 1 iteration.

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $170/$200-$300
Price (Rep): $100
Total Savings: $70
Sizes Available: All (Men and grade school)
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The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is one of the most sought-after sneakers of all time.

The AJ1 Retro High OG in Electro Orange colorway is a high-top shoe made up of white, orange, and black. The silhouette has the Air Jordan ball and wings logo on the lateral sides, as well as a bright orange heel counter and black sock lining. The monotone design is broken up by a perforated white toe box. The Nike Air tongue label is imprinted on the black tongue and finishes off with black shoelaces. Classic Black swooshes adorn the pair, while the design is completed by a white midsole that contrasts with the electric orange outer sole.

Authentic vs Replica 

Now, let’s compare our replicated version of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Electro Orange”

with an authentic pair. We looked at several aspects such as design, quality of materials, price, sole, etc. to match the two pairs.


The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Electro Orange” replica features smooth high-quality leather makeup just like the authentic one. The colors appear similar to the authentic pair. The details, stitching, material, etc. are all pretty solid. The tongue is constructed with nylon fabric and gives a very premium feel. This high-top silhouette appears to be of the same height and shape as well. The rubber on the outsole is of excellent quality and offers great traction, while the midsole gives a very comfortable feel.

This high-quality 1:1 replica imitates the authentic pair to the minutest details that even an expert will find it difficult to spot a difference.


This sneaker fits true to size, so if you usually get a size 9, then we’d recommend you to get the same size. The replica feels so comfortable that it feels like it encases the original Nike Air cushioning.


This rep sneaker comes with three shoelace options: black, white, and orange. The shoe box is an all-black Nike box with red branding.

If you love a pop of color in your shoes, then you should definitely check out this particular rep silhouette that promises a comfortable experience and style on a budget.

Replica Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $130/$219-350
Price (Rep): $90
Total Savings: $40
Sizes Available: All (Men and Women)
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The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Neutral Grey is a classic low-top sneaker that was originally released in 1985. This highly coveted sneaker was re-released in 2021.

An all-white buttery smooth leather upper featuring a matte grey suede heel tab and Swoosh logo. A grey outsole finishes off the design with a ball-and-wings logo on the heel tab and a Nike Air logo on the tongue label.

Authentic vs. Replica

Let’s put together the authentic AJ 1 Low in “Neutral Grey” colorway with a replica pair and try to spot the similarities and differences between them.


This is one of the most iconic low-top OG sneakers that never goes out of style, while its replica will impress you the most. Made up of the highest quality materials, it looks and feels exactly the same as the authentic one. The attention to detail can be vividly seen, the color and design are very similar. The perforated toe box, suede swoosh, and high-quality leather overlays and underlays are all crafted to perfection with this one.


Not even a single difference is in sight with this one. Now, let’s see how they feel on foot.

The quality of soles feels so premium, that it feels like you have an authentic pair on. These rep sneakers fit true to size and are very comfortable on foot.

You can not go wrong with this pair, it will keep your style game up no matter what trend is going on. It is one of the best replicas that you would find in the market.

You can find cheaper replicas in the market as well, but their quality will also be cheaper as compared to high-quality 1:1 replicas.

Replica Air Jordan 3 Retro “Cool Grey” Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $190/$280-350
Price (Rep): $100
Total Savings: $90
Sizes Available: All (Men)
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Silver, light graphite, orange peel, and sporty red tones make up the pair’s color palette. It has a genuine grey leather upper with a matching elephant print on the toe and heel counter. The Air Jordan branding with the Jumpman is sprinkled on the tongue and heel in Sport Red, with orange eyelets.

Authentic vs Replica

Let’s draw a comparison between the authentic and replica pairs of the Air Jordan 3 Retro “Cool Grey” to see if this rep is worth your money.


Here’s another high-quality replica that appears to be made from the same materials. Both the makeup and the construction are nearly identical. When you touch the upper, it gives a very smooth feel akin to the authentic one. The mudguard and heel counter have the same elephant skin pattern. The color of the upper, overlays, laces and other accents is also quite accurate.

This is an excellent quality rep sneaker whose quality speaks for itself. Fine craftsmanship and near-to-original materials give the sneaker a premium feel.


The AJ 3 Retro “Cool Grey” rep comes in a grey box with elephant print on one side akin to the shoe itself, and the Jumpman logo in the middle. This is exactly the same box as the authentic ones.

Save yourself some bucks and get your hands on this iconic rep sneaker which retails for a high resale price. This rep is 100% worth your money, you’ll definitely ace the style and comfort game with this one.

Replica Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $200/$271-400
Price (Rep): $150
Total Savings: $50
Sizes Available: All (Men)
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Worn by Michael Jordan himself in the 1991-1992 season, this 20-year-old colorway is now released in a new color blocking. Carmine represents the distinctive colors of the Chicago Bulls featuring red, white, and black. A striking red and white upper comes together with a black and white midsole, with an icy blue outsole. The Nike Air logo on the heel finishes off the design with a Jumpman logo on the tongue.

Authentic vs Replica

Let’s see the similarities and differences among the authentic and replica pairs below.


We put both of the pairs together and challenged our team to spot the replica pair. We kid you not, not even a single member of our team could tell them apart. Beginning the review with the toe box looks exactly the same with similar material. Moving on to the tongue, the material again feels very similar while the Jumpman logo sits atop. If you look closely, you might find a slight difference but nobody’s going to come to your feet with a magnifying glass. With some lace locks and texture of upper, this rep features the same icy outsoles. Getting into the details of the shoe, the shape of the rep is exactly the same as the authentic ones.

If you put the rep pair under the blacklight, you still wouldn’t be able to find a stitching error.


Strangely enough, the rep sneaker is more comfortable than the authentic one. These shoes feature similar insoles, midsoles, and outsoles. The fit is exactly the same as well.

When you put these shoes on, they’ll feel and look like exactly the original ones, which means they’re 100% worth your money. This is the closest rep you’ll ever find, that too with the original packaging.

Replica Air Jordan 12 Retro “Twist” Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): 190/250-450
Price (Rep): $150
Total Savings: $40
Sizes Available: All (Men)
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These are the classic white sneakers that Michael Jordan wore throughout the 1996-97 NBA season. The Air Jordan 12 Retro “Twist” colorway has a white leather upper with university red and jet black accents. The heels include a strong black heel tab as well as the number 23. The pair is completed with stunning metallic eyelets and a black and white rubber sole.

Authentic vs replica

Let’s see how the authentic vs replica AJ 12 Retro Twist pan out in comparison with one another.


When you place the two together, you would hardly be able to tell the difference between them. The look and design are pretty much identical. The texture of the leather appears to be exactly similar. The stitching and material are also on-point. In fact, the spacing in between the stitching and overlays is also quite similar. The branding elements and logo are also exactly like the ones on the authentic one.


The authentic AJ 12 Retro Twist fits true to size for most people, while some people prefer to go a size down because of its shape. The sizing of the replica pair is akin to the authentic one.


This classic comes in an original Air Jordan box with a pair of extra black laces.

If you’re still wondering whether you should get this classic replica, then we’d suggest you go it. Sleek design with clean makeup, this silhouette is a must-have and if you’re getting it on a budget, then it’s definitely a cherry on top.

Where to buy Replica Sneakers

The replica sneaker market has evolved at great lengths in the past few years due to the rising popularity and awareness about sneakers, and our guide to buying replica sneakers tells you all you need to know.

The quality of rep sneakers has improved to the extent that even the sellers and experts that work with them on an everyday basis find it difficult to tell them apart. Oftentimes the best quality replicas that stand 1:1 with the legit ones are manufactured in the same factory or area where the authentic sneakers are made. This is why they are able to get the patterns, materials, and construction so on point and near-to-original.

Due to this hype about sneakers, where everybody wants a share of the market and their hands on them, the market is filled with all kinds of replicas: from the cheapest knockoffs to high-quality 1:1 replicas. It is often very difficult to source the highest quality rep in an ocean of cheap quality replicas. This is why we recommend you do a lot of research before purchasing a rep sneaker. Oftentimes, many authentic sneaker resellers scam their customers by selling off high-quality replicas that they purchase directly from the factories.

Hence, the best option would be to source the sneaker directly from the factory, where there are lesser chances for you to get scammed. A lot of the online sellers scam their customers by advertising higher quality products and shipping off cheaper products to them.


If you are still pondering about getting the replica sneakers, then here is the sign you were looking for. Purchasing a replica sneaker is a very controversial topic on the internet and people often get scammed as well. But, if you asked us whether you should get one or not, then we’d definitely recommend you to go for it.

Replica sneakers don’t poke a hole in your pocket as they go easy on the budget, they keep you up with the fashion trends, and most importantly they are very comfortable as well. This statement only stands corrected for the highest quality 1:1 replica sneakers, where you can be assured of the quality.

The replica sneakers actually help the brands by increasing the awareness of their products and contributing to the hype. A famous designer once said that real success is when you see thousands of replicas of your products all over the world. Some of the brands even consider it as a measure of success.

Why Buy Replica Jordans?

The hype model is a scary concept where items like a stone are marketed as a luxury that you all need to own to be a part of a certain group of people. A product that originally is of very little worth but to its advertisement and positioning it gains an elite status. The limited quality and hype give birth to the resale market where a product originally priced at $100 is sold for thousands of dollars. The resale market is also full of scammers.

Lastly, nobody approaches closer to your feet to see if you’re wearing a real or counterfeit sneaker. People are not going to notice if a thread stitch is traveling in a slightly different direction.

So, if you want to keep up with the trends on a limited budget while keeping your feet happy and comfortable, then rep sneakers are your way to go. For more information about rep sneakers, join our community or contact us for further details.

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