Cartier Bracelet Replicas – The Ultimate Guide To Fake Cartier Love Bracelets

Cartier is one of the most revered brands when it comes to jewellery, hence why everyone is looking for cartier bracelet replicas, just like replica Louis Vuitton handbags, everyoen wants one. Their elegant and precise designs make for the most memorable pieces owned by anyone. This is why everyone wants to have a Cartier piece, especially their love bracelets.

Nevertheless, Cartier bracelets do not come for cheap. They are quite valuable and expensive which makes it impossible for everyone to get an authentic one even if they want it for themselves. However, you can still go for a Cartier bracelet replica.

Cartier has a long and bright legacy that has been drawing customers over the years. Read on to find more on the illustrious history of the brand, and details on Cartier love bracelet dupes.

Cartier Love Bracelet History

Cartier is a French luxury brand. They have a wide variety of items that are famous all over the world such as watches, and jewellery. There are more than 200 stores spread all across the globe and only growing in number over the days. Even after years of being in business, Cartier continues to dominate the market with its one-of-kind jewellery that is still in demand.

The Cartier love bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewellery perhaps ever created and has a legacy of its own. It was first created in 1969 and is characterised by a specific symbol (an O with a horizontal line running through its middle). It was made with the notion that it can be worn by people daily, without any restrictions on special occasions. Moreover, it has a gender-neutral design as well.

Essentially, therefore, it stood out as an important piece of jewellery which is suitable for everyone. If you decide to give it to your special one, it can be with them all the time. It is also compared to a handcuff because it is secured with a screw of its own. It is also made in an oval shape so that it can fit most snugly into the wearer’s hand.

There is a custom screwdriver that is provided with each Cartier love bracelet. So, it is not worn how bracelets are typically worn, that is by slipping it over the hand. The screwdriver locks the bracelet which can only be opened with the same. The screwdriver can come in the form of a necklace as well.

The necklace feature has often been criticised. It had been made in the sense that while the bracelet will remain with one of the lovers, the screwdriver with the necklace will remain with the other, as a symbol of how only one person can have the key to the bracelet, a sign of commitment. However, this has also been criticised for perpetuating toxic notions about love.

There are many stories behind this bracelet with rumours such that it was apparently only allowed to be purchased by couples at one time. However, in this era of self-love, it is only right that you get a Cartier love bracelet for yourself! The Cartier love bracelet is made of pure gold. They are diamond-studded as well.

The Cartier love bracelet has dominated immense popularity for decades now. Now, the design from the bracelet has even been included in other jewellery pieces like cufflinks, watches and rings. As of now, it comes in three varieties: yellow or the classic colour, rose gold or pink, and white gold.

Fret not, if these details seem too costly. If you do not have the budget, you can always go for a Cartier love bracelet dupe.

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet – My Thoughts

Cartier Love Bracelet Replicas – Can you tell which ones are low quality?

According to my experience, you should get a bracelet whose size is a few centimetres more than the size of your wrist. Make sure to measure accurately and take the help of a measuring tape because the Cartier bracelet sits snug on the wearer’s wrist in any case. Usually, a gold-plated piece tends to be bigger in size while if it is made of solid gold, it will fit true to size.

This article has been carefully curated by me with my experience of using multiple Cartier love bracelet versions. All my experiences as stated here are after I have used and worn them for over six months. There are quite substantial differences between each version, which is why you must carefully look through all that has been stated.

My first Cartier love bracelet was a stainless steel one. However, I kept wanting to buy a better quality one. This was primarily because I was not satisfied with the one I was owning at that time. Nevertheless, I hope the reviews guide you to buying the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Low-Tier Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Review 1

Price: $17 USD
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The first one on our list is the Stainless Steel Cartier Love Bracelet. Understandably, it is a Cartier love bracelet dupe. In case you are wondering how they bring about the look for the diamonds of the real one, it is studded with gemstones. However, the gemstones are of very bad quality and are not very appealing.

In terms of size, it came a few centimetres larger than what was listed. So, take it into consideration when you are ordering the bracelet. However, due to the oval shape of the bracelet, which is made that way to fit well, it might not fall off your wrist that easily, even though it is a few centimetres bigger than your wrist size.

One of the biggest advantages of this bracelet is that what you see is what you get. The product that will be delivered to you will probably be exactly like the picture of it that you will see, because for me too, I received the exact bracelet. Moreover, even though it is quite a cheap product and essentially a dupe, it does not stain or scratch easily. It is also very light, which makes it very wearable at all times.

However, there are some disadvantages of this bracelet to be aware of. Such as that, even though it does not scratch easily, it loses colour over time, and the gemstones embedded in the bracelet are very high-quality. Nevertheless, if you want occasional wear, you can go for this piece. However, it might not be a very sustainable option if you start to wear it on a regular basis and it goes through so much wear and tear.

Therefore, if you are planning to give this to someone, it is better to specify how they can take care of it. The gemstones may fall off right away if they are not very careful with it, leading to a bad impression.

Low-Tier Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Review 2

Price: $119 USD

This next option is a gold-plated and diamond-paved Cartier love bracelet. Firstly, the gemstone quality in this Cartier love bracelet replica is not good at all. Therefore, although it might lend a better look to your bracelet, the quality is poor. They come off after a while and are not as bright as you would expect crystals to actually be.

This Cartier love bracelet dupe comes in two shades of rose gold and silver. Both of these come bigger in size of a few centimetres than the size that is originally listed. However, the item is otherwise perfectly accurate to how it is shown in the seller’s pictures. Since you can directly text the seller, you can also ask for detailed pictures of the bracelet.

There are a few negatives to this bracelet, primarily that it scratches very easily and discolours. In fact, the rose gold plating is so susceptible to peeling off that it does so in a considerably short time, and you can even see the silver-plating underneath. In addition, even the metal starts to dull after a while.

High-Tier Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Review 1

Price: $2659 USD
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If you are willing to spend a little more on your Cartier love bracelet dupe, you can invest in this piece made of 18k real gold and real diamonds. The diamonds are all real, and this is in my experience as I had them tested with a diamond tester. They are Natural VS diamonds. There are sale discounts on these bracelets sometimes, so make sure to keep an eye out for them in order to save some bucks.

The bracelet comes true to the size as listed. It is also accurate in all other aspects as will be shown in the product picture. Rose gold is one of the most popular shades currently, and you can totally go for it if you are purchasing this bracelet!

The bracelet is extremely detailed for a dupe and uses the right materials all around, like even the bracelet’s signature screwdriver is made of 18k gold. However, there are some problems with the design itself, which does not let this bracelet shine as much as it can do. Also, it scratches really easily.

Nevertheless, if you are okay with that, you can wear this every day. Since the diamonds do not shine much anyway, you can always get the version that does not have any diamonds.

There are some logistical issues that you might have to face during the purchase if you are based in the United States. This is primarily because the money might have to be transferred in divided transactions. Additionally, since the bracelet is more or less a valuable item, it might just have to be shipped with extra precautions as well.

Top-Tier Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Review 2

Price: $4069 USD plus shipping
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This last Cartier love bracelet replica is also made of 18k gold and real VVS Moissanite diamonds. The quality of the gemstones is amazing in this bracelet, and they passed the diamond test as well. This is, overall, one of the best replicas that you can get. The materials are the closest to the real bracelet among the options as well as they look almost the same as well.

It is also true to size and comes in the standard size of 17cm. In my experience, this bracelet is much more resistant to scratches. So, even if you do get scratches due to wear and tear, they are not as noticeable. Moreover, there is no fading of colour as well. So, you can easily wear this daily.

The quality of this bracelet is really good, and it is a great investment even if you cannot get the real one. It is not only valuable but wearable as well.

Where To Buy A Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

As stated above, and seen from my own experience, you can get dupes such as a Cartier love bracelet replica from trusted replica sellers. There are other websites as well that sell dupes. However, it is always best to go by reputation and recommendations to avoid getting scammed by fake sellers and such.


Brands like Cartier are one of the most reputable globally with certified products that have created a legacy of their own. Among them, the Cartier love bracelet is definitely one that has always been one of the most popular items. However, it is also very costly, perhaps owing to its materials, its unique design, and also, its popularity.

You can still own a replica if you really want to have a Cartier love bracelet or want to give it to your loved one. There are many options, but the ones mentioned above have been tried and tested by yours truly, and it has been seen that they have been the most worthwhile. However, the pros and cons of all of them have been provided so that you can make an informed decision.

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