Fake Louboutins: The Ultimate Guide To Replica Christian Louboutins

Christian Louboutin is a household name when it comes to heels, and with their more expensive pairs costing over $2500, it’s no surprise that ladies like you are looking for high-quality replica Christian Louboutins so you can have the style, without breaking the bank!

They say life is short, so your heels shouldn’t be, and I couldn’t agree more!

The elegance, grace, and unmatched class a good pair of high heels instantly brings out in you are still underrated.

A fancy look with a modern cut dress and a high-end bag can be instantly ruined with a cheap-looking shoe, while an old pair of ripped jeans with a solid colored baggy shirt look can be revamped by adding an eloquent pair of high heels. That, my friend, is the power of a great shoe.

Wondering where to get such power pack heels?

Let’s knock on the door of none other than legendary Christian Louboutin, the famous French designer known for creating magical pairs of shiny high-end stilettos with red-lacquered soles.

If you are looking for a high-quality, fashionable shoe, Christian Louboutin is a great choice. His shoes are well-made and will last for many years. They are also very comfortable, which is important when you are wearing them for long periods of time.

From celebrities to regular fashion divas, owning a signature Louboutin is a dream of every woman. Even the notoriously quoted price of these heels does not stop women from buying original Louboutin left, right, and center.

But what makes these heels supremely in vogue! Read on to find out.

Replica Christian Louboutin
Replica Christian Louboutin Vs Authentic – Can you tell the difference?

Christian Louboutin’s Epic History

Who knew that the backbencher diligently sketching shoes in his art book instead of studying would one day take the fashion world by storm with his signature powerful red soles?

Christian Louboutin, since their early teens, was interested in creating exclusive pairs of shoes. He traveled all the way to Egypt and India in quest of learning the craft and returned to Paris with a sketchbook full of whimsical heels.

He presented his designs to various shoe designers and huge brands; little did he know he would be able to make a luxurious brand named after himself. From Chanel to Roger Vivier, Louboutin worked under big names until he became confident in his craft.

Later he started working as a freelance shoe designer to gain more experience and build an identity of himself in the market. He then introduced the first walk-in Christian Louboutin store in Paris, which was nothing but a dream come true for Cinderella waiting for the lost pair.

The Red Sole

His famous red sole started gaining popularity amongst celebrities and fashion divas alike. Louboutin then designed a runway collection for none other than Saint Laurent, featuring his trademark red sole and smart cut stilettos.

Since then, Christian Louboutin and his brand never looked back, introducing remarkable designs one after another. His heels are every woman’s dream pair; however, the hefty price tag makes it hard to afford an original Louboutin.

Replica Louis and fake Christian Louboutin also have a huge market; however, it is relatively harder to create the red sole archetype due to its distinctive color and marked feature.

Counterfeits keep trying to introduce dupes and fake Loubs; however, those who wear original Loubs can instantly differentiate between original and fake Christian Louboutin shoes via a few smart authentication tricks.

Wearing fake Loubs is not an issue as long as you know what you are paying for, so here are my personal secret tricks to notify fake Louboutin from afar;

Clever Tricks to Authenticate Christian Louboutin Heels

Sleek design, shiny red heels, and an overall elegant shoe that makes your legs look longer and leaner- goosebumps already, right?

Christian Louboutin shoes are famous for a reason. These pairs can make anyone look ultra-posh and glamorous within seconds, and I don’t blame women for always making every new Loubs collection sold out within days.

Fake Loubs are also being sold heavily in the market. Many people go crazy over the online sale and fall into the trap of counterfeits, paying a fortune only to receive a Louboutin dupe.

If you are buying Loubs directly from the store, you are safe, but if you are buying a Christian Loubs pair online from a reseller, you must know these tips to authenticate an original Loubs.

Supremely Fine Stitching

Louboutin shoes are never ill-fitted. The main thing about an original Loubs is its super fine stitching and elegant detailing. Each thread is sewn through the fabric with great care and intricate detailing.

Loose threads hanging inside, unparalleled stitching lines, and uneven gaps between stitching are clear signs of fake Christian Louboutin shoes. Most brands charge a hefty price for the quality of fabric and the craftsmanship they offer; therefore, stitching faults are nearly impossible in original pairs.

The Logo and Spacing

Zero spacing between L and o while the proper spacing between C and his is the sign of original Loubs. Most counterfeits often miss the detailing and fine craftsmanship. You may find blurry prints or larger than original fonts.

Original Loubs always have a super graceful logo with proper spacing between alphabets. You can always ask the reseller to send you a closer image to compare the logo with the original image on the official Christian Louboutin website for reference.

Accept no excuse if the logo is not well-printed and well-defined; it’s a clear sign of fake Loubs. You may ask the reseller to charge accordingly.

The Packaging

The smell of crisp brand bags, the weight of a shoe or bag box, and the velvety feel of a duster bag inside- aren’t those detailing to die for?  

Most brands offer beautiful instagramable packaging that one can show off. Christian Louboutin is also one such brand that has now become a symbol of class and status due to its unmatched quality and glamorous packaging.

The shoes come in a huge sand-colored box with a white logo printed in the center, while Paris is printed in the bottom right corner. Inside the box, you can find your pair encased in a velvety red dust bag. Along with it, you must find another tiny doll-sized dust bag of the same color and fabric containing extra heel taps.

Counterfeits provide cheap quality dust bags while the original comes in quality fabric velvety-textured dust bags. The same logo is printed on the dust bag as well in black color.

The Straps & Sole

Hardware like straps, buckles, and soles are tale-tell signs to differentiate between original and fake Christian Louboutin. Original Loubs come with tightly woven and finely attached straps and buckles. The corners of shoes are never messy or ill-formed.

The famous red sole is neither too shiny nor too dull; rather, it has a sophisticated lacquer, increasing the exclusivity of high heels. You may also notice that original Loubs are more pointy and upright than those manufactured by counterfeits.

No Authentication Card

You will be surprised to know that the Christian Louboutin shoe box does not include any authentication or serial number card.  

If any reseller tries to trick you by showing any authentication card, serial number, or bar code, instantly back off; it must be fake. Louboutin box provided it is original never includes an invoice with serial number or card.

5 Replica Loubs Reviews

No wonder Christian Louboutin shoes have their own magic. The pair looks graceful and class apart as soon as the wearer puts them on; however, not everyone can afford to buy a pair every now and then, especially when it costs a fortune.

For those who do not mind wearing replicas like me (proudly), I have compiled a few closer to original Christian Louboutin Replicas that I won, and I think every woman should.

So let’s dig in!!

Replica Christian Louboutin So Kate Boots Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $1100/$220
Savings: $880!
Sizes/Colorways Available: All
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Personally, I am not a fan of very high heels, that is the signature style of Christian Louboutin, and I always wanted something more sophisticated yet easygoing.

The So Kate Pointed Toe cute booties were a perfect pair to own. The moment I came across this design, I almost imagined recreating a dozen cool looks with them. Initially, I was a bit hesitant as pulling off a Christian fake is not an easy job.

However, for the price I was paying, I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, the box and bag not only looked the same but also had a mini bag containing extra accessories. Overall I am in love with my purchase.

Here are my reasons why I love this Christian Louboutin, So Kate Pointed Toe Bootie more than the Original

  • The color, texture, and even zipper look exactly like the auth, so why would I pay a hefty amount when I can easily get one at a fraction of the cost.
  • The texture and smell of leather are of high quality. Leather does not have an odd smell like cheaper counterfeits.
  • The heels’ size and dimension are a little bit different from the original. The heel seems a bit wider than auth, which I don’t mind because I am all up for comfortable shoes.
  • Overall the shape is slightly different from the original Louboutin. Original So Kate booties are not wider, but rather look tight and polished, while this one looks a little bit lousy. Those wearing auth in routine might catch the difference, but for others, it will still be awe-inspiring. Win-win

Replica Christian Louboutin Degrastrass Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $1400/$150
Savings: $1250!
Sizes/Colorways Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

This is the pair that instantly grabs your attention beyond glass windows. The pair possess the power to give anyone a Cinderella moment with a clear PVC body, whimsical diamantes, and shiny red sole.

However, I had to tell myself that I am not going to wear this much, so investing in an auth is clearly out of options. Thankfully, I came across the replica, and I was shocked to see the resemblance between the original and the photos.

I couldn’t stop myself from taking a chance, so I ordered this pair, and I am obsessed. This is by far my best rep-fluenced purchase.

Here are my reasons why I love this Christian Louboutin Degrastrass more than the Original

  • The PVC is breathable and has a tight, pointy appearance. Cute little shiny studs are also of great quality.
  • The heels, dimensions, and size are up to the mark. It would be safe to say that this pair is hard to point out, even for those who wear authentic Loubs regularly.
  • The patent leather is of good quality and does not have a fufu smell. The auth leather, however, looks a little bit more matte than this but no complaints about the price I have paid for this gorgeous pair.
  • The shoe has upgraded my formal wardrobe, and I love the overall quality.

Replica Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $800/$105
Savings: $695
Sizes/Colorways Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

This is the all-rounder Christian Louboutin pair in black that goes with almost all kinds of looks, helping you make a statement on various occasions.

I also wanted a Louboutin in Black, so I ordered this one in 8cm heels which are 2cm less than the original as we all know, signature Christian Louboutin has 10cm heels. However, personally, I don’t want to look and feel uncomfortable wearing such high heels.

Here are my reasons why I love this Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Patent Leather Stiletto more than the Original

  • The pair has a shiny black color that is neither too dull nor too shiny. The red sole perfectly complements the outer black color.
  • The black leather is of high quality and does not shine like cheaper material. It rather has a polished finish like auth.
  • Personally, the most commendable thing about this pair is its perfect shape. The pointy front and edges are exactly similar to the Hot Chick auth as shown on the website
  • The price, stitching, and quality- combining these qualities this pair becomes my absolute favorite and for sure is more durable than auth due to sturdy material.

Fake Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $650/$95
Savings: $555!
Sizes/Colorways Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

With iconic low-cut vamp and slender stiletto heels, this is one of the most loved Christian Louboutin designs. This pair is well-loved by runway ladies as well as corporate women for its timelessness and elegance.

I couldn’t make up my mind at first but ordered the pair only because I had a good experience with my other Christian Louboutin designs. To date, it’s my favorite as daily wear because of its relatively smaller heels.

It is a plain classic design available in shades of nude and black to go with various looks.

Here are my reasons why I love this Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies more than the Original

  • The pair is timeless, and the material has such a fine finish which is hard to find in reps. I prefer reps in leather as I find them more durable than auth.
  • It feels comfortable and good as any other expensive and good quality shoe would fit and feel.
  • The only drawback is its slightly off shape. My shoe is not as steep as it should be when compared to auth. But this much difference is expected when you are wearing fake Loubs.
  • The logo, print, and color however is more than accurate so why pay more when you can get it at a lesser price.

Fake Christian Louboutin Tarot Iriza Review

Price(Auth/Replica): $850/$200
Savings: $650!
Sizes/Colorways Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

This is the one design that is always tagged sold out on the website due to its distinctive design and chic look. The Damier pattern looks absolutely ethereal and fancy, in fact, this one is by far the most stylish piece in the Christian Louboutin collection.

I was skeptical if anyone could replicate the design, the pattern, and above all, the arch shape, but to my surprise, this shoe has it all.

Initially, I didn’t want to order a rep in this particular design and might have invested hard-earned money on the original Louboutin out of admiration for this design, but it is sold out as soon as it’s restocked. However, I’m glad I couldn’t get my hand on auth because I found quite a similar Tarot Iriza dupe.

Here are my reasons why I love this Christian Louboutin Tarot Iriza more than the Original

  • These shoes are no doubt one of their kind; however, the problem with print is that it is memorable, and you cannot wear them repeatedly to events. So, in my opinion, finding a dupe is far more convenient.
  • The peep-toe design is elegant, and the arch is perfect, which is the most commendable part of this design.
  • The Persian pattern is greatly replicated, and I would give full marks for the accurate printing and detailing.
  • I like how the overall look comes together.

Where To Get Replica Christian Louboutins?

If you’re looking to get some high quality replica loubs, then DO NOT look on Google. Any seller on Google is either a middleman, or a scammer looking to make a quick buck and send you a low quality pair of plastic heels (or send you nothing at all and run off with your money).

We recommend joining our elite replica club and getting access to our Trusted Sellers Directory, allowing you to order high quality replicas directly from the factories in China, cutting out the middleman and ensuring that you only get the best quality reps for your money! (Also don’t forget to put in an order for a replica handbag while you’re getting your pair of loubs!)


Christian Louboutin shoes are the best in quality because of the use of premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and the attention to detail that goes into each pair. CL shoes are also some of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.

In conclusion, these high-end shoes are definitely worth the investment. They are not just beautiful and timeless, but they are also extremely well-made and comfortable. So if you are looking for a new pair of shoes that will make you feel confident and stylish, Christian Louboutins are the way to go.

However, if you can’t make up your mind to buy an auth, fake Christian Louboutin are often as good. You can easily find Christian Louboutins replicas at a fraction of the cost if you search well.

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