Fake Dior Sneakers: The Ultimate Guide To Replica Dior Sneakers

An internationally acclaimed brand, Dior, has always been known for its elegance and timeless femininity, and with their sneakers going for more than $1000/pair, it’s no surprise readers like you are looking for high quality fake Dior Sneakers. Dior’s innovative yet traditional styles never failed to pull the strings of our hearts and is the reason why even to this day, we consider the brand as one of the fashion ultimates and associate royalty with it. No doubt the brand’s line of products is unlimited, from leather goods, accessory, it has always been the footwear that captivated our hearts the most. But let me break it to you; even the average-price of Dior’s footwear can’t be afforded by an ordinary folk and that’s when we step in as your savior.

With our fake Dior, we promise to provide you with quality and craftsmanship within the minimum prices possible.

Replica Dior Jordans
Replica Dior Jordans vs Authentic – Can you tell the difference?

Before we dig into the topic, let’s get to know what Dior is.

Dior Sneakers: A History

The fashion house was created by Christian Dior, a french designer. He used to work under a fashion designer Robert Piguet, and soon realized the need to showcase his own talent and thus formed his own fashion house. In his first show, he coined the ‘New Look’, which made his work being recognised as ‘revolutionary’. Dior started with fragrances and when the brand started gaining popularity, he added other accessories, such as shoes, hats and other such pieces. In less than a decade, Dior made his presence felt around the globe and actresses including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were seen as his most notable clients. Dior died at the age of 52, and his legacy was carried by directors that came after him, such as Yves Saint and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

To this day, the brand lives at the top of the fashion hierarchy, and is known for pushing all the creative boundaries to reinvent fashion and beauty.

Having discussed it, let’s have a look at the most adored sneakers in the brand’s history.

Replica Dior B23 LOW-TOP SNEAKER Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $1000
Price (Rep): $100
Total savings: $900!
Sizes Available: All (men)
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This sneaker has the power to make all the sneakerheads feel weak at the knees. Pair features white and black oblique canvas with transparent paneling, which casts off a sleek and contemporary look. Some essential details include a lace-up front, rounded toe, and a back tab. The side details such as the ‘DIOR’ signature on the sides and the touch of beige color along with white on the out-sole enhance the overall aesthetics of the sneaker.

Original Vs Replica

Let’s compare this iconic piece with our replica to analyze the similarities and differences they share.


The French brand never fails to come up with the highest quality materials available. So do we. Starting with the upper casing. It is made up of fine quality polyurethane to give the sneaker its iconic look. You can have an idea of its quality by the fact that it doesn’t cast off any smell. Then we have a rubber sole, again, of fine quality to provide you with the best traction and offer you the best on-foot experience.


The craftsmanship of our replica is impeccable, with even the minor details being faithfully recreated. The upper is made up of calfskin and has transparent paneling. The outsole has beige and black-colored details. Our in-home designers did a good job considering all these details and addressing them with the best craftsmanship techniques. We further realized that the silhouette won’t appear exceptional unless we pair construction with clean stitching. Therefore, we employed the best stitching methods to make it as symmetrical and as neat as possible. When it comes to effort, no one can beat us.

On-foot experience

The on-foot experience that our replicas offer is second to none because, at the end of the day, it’s the on-foot experience that matters. The upper is thin and flexible and adapts to your feet for a better fit, without offering any discomfort. It is also very breathable, so you don’t have to worry about it either. Then comes the rubber sole, that’s thicker than other sneakers and provides enhanced stability. To sum it up, the pair is soft, light in weight, and comfortable and promised to give you the best on-foot experience ever.

Replica Dior B27 Low-top Sneaker Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $1100
Price (Rep): $80
Total savings: $1020!
Sizes Available: All (men)
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This particular silhouette is one of the finest works of the brand, sneakerheads couldn’t help obsessing over it. This low-top sneaker is crafted with the combination of various materials; a smooth calf-leather base with nubuck detailing topped with color-matched top stitching. The pair is kept minimal, featuring gray and white colors with beige and black Dior oblique jacquard inserts on the sides. The rubber sole, tab and back are constructed with precise layering to give it a three-dimensional effect. The bicolored out-sole featuring white and brown colors enhances the overall look of the pair.


Materials play a pivotal role in determining the look of a silhouette and we took it upon ourselves to find the highest quality materials in the market to replicate this kick. The calf leather used is of the finest quality available.. It doesn’t give off any smell and has a smooth and soft feel to it. Furthermore, it’s flexible and adapts better to your feet. Then we have nubuck detailing which further adds to the comfort and softness to the sneaker. The rubber sole provides comfort and offers an on-foot experience like no other.


The poor stitching tends to ruin the look of the kicks. The look is completely ruined when the kick is all about stitching and we understand it. Therefore, the main area we focussed on while constructing these silhouettes is stitching. We employed the best equipment from our store and ensured the  best stitching techniques so that the stitching is as close to the originals as possible. The threads used are of the best quality and even the stitching pattern is identical. Yes, we didn’t forget that it had to be color-matched. All these measures are taken not just to ensure proper replication, but also to make sure that kicks are durable since durability is the key. Isn’t it?


We know we can trust dior when it comes to durability. Similar is the case with our fake dior that excels in providing you kicks that lasts forever. This claim roots back to the fact that we use the finest quality materials such as calf leather and rubber sole. These kicks are the ones you can wear all day long without acquiring any blisters. Given the techniques we used, the kicks are sure to accompany you your entire life without developing any signs of wear and tear.

Fake Dior B22 Low-Top Sneaker Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $770/1200
Price (Rep): $90
Total savings: $1110!
Sizes Available: All (men)
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If you are looking for a sneaker that’s stylish, comfortable, and versatile at the same time, then Dior B22 is your choice, well of course Fake Dior if you want to stay on budget. This sneaker gives a nod to chunky retro running style trainers. Featuring black and white technical mesh and orange and white smooth calfskin, the pair offers a bold aesthetic. The kicks have a white-colored sole with black edging and feature the brand’s logo on the side, making them an instant staple for every sneaker freak.

Authentic vs Replica

We always have the best pricing offer in the market. Stay tuned to know how.

Nylon tabs

We know you must have been waiting for this part. We’ve been waiting too. Yes, our team laid the most emphasis on these nylon tabs, while mimicking this silhouette. Apart from installing all the details on our fake Dior, we went ahead and decorated the kicks with nylon drawstrings, so that these kicks make their presence known wherever they go. Now, you can get to flex with this particular feature without paying hefty dollars, and we are happy to announce it.

Exaggerated look

Sneakerheads were drawn to this silhouette because of the exaggerated proportions it contained. The chunky sole is what made the sneaker appealing and we made sure to replicate this for you. Overall, the sneaker is designed to give off oversized sneaker vibes with soles, not just giving good aesthetics but also offering a great deal of stability. To discuss it in detail, we ensured there isn’t a cm difference in the proportions and when we compared the two by keeping one on the right hand and the other on left, we found out that even the weight is identical. Meanwhile, we did enhance the proportions but not at the cost of comfort, and we consider it our win.


Where cheaper alternatives fail to offer the exact color schemes, we step in and do it for you. The sneaker captivated our hearts because of the colors it sported, and hence we made sure that the colors are neither too vivid nor too muted. Meanwhile, you no longer have to settle for faded or ordinary colors as we present you with a replica with the exact color scheme you’ve been looking for, with all the details nailed down, without spending a fortune. Our fake Dior offers the perfect combination of black, white, orange, and gray and you’ll not be disappointed.


Price (authentic retail): $1025
Price (Rep): $120
Total savings: $900
Sizes Available: All (women)
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The it-shoe of the moment, walk’n’dior sneakers are the most sold-out shoes of the brand, and we can see why. Featuring a deep blue cotton Dior oblique motif, the pair is set apart by its leather tab and metallic touches. Signature on the tongue, rubber sole, and laces finishes off the look, and make them the hottest sneakers on the market.

Authentic vs Replica

We share expertise in mimicking the silhouette to its details while maintaining good quality. Allow us to explain how.


If we already didn’t mention it, the ‘DIOR’ embossed signature on the sole can be replaced with your name. We all love the brand because of the luxury and exclusivity it offers, and what’s better than owning a pair of sneakers that is fully and only yours? We paid huge respect to it and hence brought forth our fake Dior with the same offer so that you can now have a customized style that is unique to you alone, as our replicas are all about uniqueness.


When it comes to walk’n’dior sneakers, it’s the embroidery that plays a prominent role in determining the overall look of the sneaker. Our in-house designers gave immense respect to it and constructed a silhouette featuring a fully embroidered deep-blue Dior oblique motif. The threads used are of the highest quality and the stitching methods we employed are the best ones in the market. In short, the texture, embroidery, and everything else have been followed to its most authentic details so that you have an all-out copy that differs from the original in no way.


Although most of the Dior sneakers have a loud branding that’s visible everywhere, these kicks seem to go the farthest, and sneaker enthusiasts couldn’t help falling in love with them. Since you show it so much love, we made sure our fake walk’n’dior pays immense regard to it as well. The branding looks identical to the original and makes its way around the whole kick including the toe-box, tongue, and soles. Consider us for your fake Dior purchase, and I bet you’ll not be disappointed.

Fake Dior Jordan 1 Retro High Review

Price (authentic retail/resale): $2000/22000
Price (Rep): $180
Total savings: $21820!
Sizes Available: All (men)
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This silhouette blended high-end street fashion with luxury fashion and witnessed the most skyrocketed sales in the brand’s history. The pair presents a design that marries the Nike Jordan 1’s with Dior’s gray color pallet, a reinterpretation of the Nike swoosh to include Dior’s Oblique jacquard, and the model of the Dior motif laser-etched into the insoles. The pair features premium Italian leather and hand-painted edges that made these kicks the most sought-after in the market. For more Air Jordan reviews, read our article on Fake Jordans.

Authentic vs Replica

Can we do justice to this iconic piece while staying on budget? Let’s find out.


The details of the replicas are what we always lay the most emphasis on, and we did the same with this replica. Our in-house designers meticulously studied every detail the iconic piece offered and used the best of their capabilities to recreate them in our fake replicas. We used the premium quality materials and then topped them with the most authentic details followed by meticulous stitching to ensure there isn’t a single factor that distinguishes our replicas from the original ones. But yes, in prices you will find a huge difference.


This masterpiece won our hearts because of the neatness it offered. Having a closer look at the silhouette reveals the never-ending stitching it houses. From toe-box to sides to backheel to even Nike swoosh, the stitching is everywhere. We are proud to tell you about the finest stitching our fake Dior offers. We employed the highest stitching methods to ensure our stitching was symmetrical. In brief, we adhered to the strictest standards of neatness to ensure that your favorite pair boasts luxury and lasts long. What else can you ask for?


We surely don’t want a replica if it wears out after a couple of months. Therefore, We have stuck with the highest quality materials and ensured the best stitching standards. All of these factors ensure that no matter how frequently and for how long you wear them, you don’t have to worry about getting them worn out. Go out for a walk, run or jump and they will maintain their look. The leather doesn’t show a single sign of wear and tear and the details don’t lose their shape. Furthermore, the rubber we used doesn’t just offer traction, it makes sure the sneakers last long and stay in your wardrobe for a lifetime.

Where to buy replica Dior Sneakers?

You might want to search it on the internet and order it from the top sellers that pop up on the list. Truth be told, you’ll be scammed into paying double the original price or worse won’t get the sneaker. To avoid all such inconveniences, we would recommend buying direct from factories.


Let’s revisit the question. Why should you consider us for fake Dior? When it comes to materials and production methods, we follow in the footsteps of your beloved brand. We also pay obsessive attention to details and copy the details to their minutest details. Here, again we leave behind all our competitors who end up making so many mistakes while replicating the silhouette. Even our craftsmanship and stitching are second to none as we use the most advanced of our machinery. And yes, we don’t overlook durability and do our best to make them long-lasting.

So you have three choices; buy the original pairs that are gonna drain your packet and leave you bankrupt, buy the fake replicas that offer cheap quality and offer no authenticity, or buy our replicas that are premium in quality, offer luxury, and are light on your pockets. Well, the choice is pretty clear. So what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with the most exquisite offerings now!

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