Fake Yeezys: The Ultimate Guide To Replica Yeezys

The adidas Yeezy’s are famous for being sold out within seconds of being released, and that’s why replica yeezys are so popular. From being the most hyped ones to putting out the most futuristic shoes out there, the Yeezy’s have got it all.

Yeezy’s are the exclusive designer shoes that retail around $250 to $550, which sadly does not match the budget of every sneaker fan out there. But, don’t you worry because if you can’t afford the authentic Yeezy’s, we will help you find the highest quality replicas of your desired pairs.

We offer the highest quality – near to authentic – replicas, for the sneakerheads out there who want to keep up with the newest and limited edition releases which are super expensive and rare to find. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the details of the replica sneakers that you should look out for while making a rep purchase and how to avoid cheap knock-offs.

About The Yeezy Brand

Yeezy is the brainchild of the American Rapper, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. The Yeezy brand started as a collaboration between the Swoosh brand, Nike, and Ye in 2009, which lasted for five years. In 2013, the three-stripe brand, adidas joined hands with Ye.

The duo released the “Yeezy Season 1” collaboration in 2015, and the rest is history. The Yeezy brand has become the hub of releasing the most anticipated and hyped sneakers which are famous for being sold out in seconds. The resale market has also made a fortune with the Yeezy sneakers.

Yeezy sneakers offer fine craftsmanship and futuristic designs that everyone wants to get hold of. The most famous and coveted silhouettes in the Yeezy collection involve Yeezy Boost 350, Yeezy Boost 450, Yeezy Boost 750, Yeezy Foam Runner, and Yeezy Slides.

Replica Yeezy Sneakers

Yeezy sneakers are often difficult to get your hands on, as they get sold out really fast. The authentic Yeezys don’t fit the budget of many as their prices tend to be very high ranging between $250 and $500, whereas the resale value is marked as thousands of dollars.

But, don’t you worry because we’ve got you covered. Save yourself from spending a fortune on authentic sneakers and get the best quality replicas instead whose quality is just as good as the authentic ones.

The anatomy of Yeezys

A sneaker’s main components are its branding labels and emblems, upper, heel counter, laces, and soles; insole, outsole, and midsole. When you’re looking for sneakers, particularly Yeezy reps, you should lookout for a few things such as the material, stitching, pattern on the upper, labels, etc.

Most of the time, these 1:1 replicas are made in the same place/region, hence it’s easier for the manufacturers to acquire the same material and have a very similar makeup. This is why distinguishing between the two is becoming increasingly difficult. However, this statement is only correct for high-quality 1:1 replicas.

Now, let’s review the authentic as well as replica sneakers together so that you can draw a comparison between the two and make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Replica Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $220/$299-$500
Price (Rep): $120
Total Savings: $100
Sizes Available: All (Men)
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The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has been one of the most hyped sneakers of the past year. Released in a variety of colorways, which are nearly all sold out, resellers are making a fortune off of them.

This is why we bring you the highest quality adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint replica that is indistinguishable from the authentic. Akin to the authentic one, this sneaker features a marbled grey and white-blue tint Primeknit upper with a post-dyed microfilament side stripe. Hits of red appear on the SPLY-350 branding and the pull tab. Translucent Blue Tint Boost sole finishes off the design with a tonal collar.

Authentic vs Replica 

Now, let’s compare our replicated version of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue tint with the authentic pair. We looked at several aspects such as design, quality of materials, price, sole, etc. to match the two pairs.


This replicated silhouette bears no difference from the authentic. If you compare the two sneakers, exactly the same materials, construction, and finishing is seen throughout the two pairs. The pattern and colors are also identical, and instead of the price, there is no apparent difference between the two. Unlike cheaper replicas that have stray threads or glue stains on the shoes, this replica is designed with the highest attention to detail.

If you look closely, the authentic Yeezy 350 Boost V2 sneakers’ tongue is at an elevated angle to the heel and this replica version has also managed to feature the same design. The stitching across the middle of the primeknit upper also features the same materials and cannot be told apart. Although, each one of these sneakers is hand-stitched. These sneakers look so much alike that if you put together a pair with one replica and one authentic shoe, you might not be able to differentiate among them.

Wear and Tear

The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 features a boost sole, that provides cushioning, comfort, and traction. To test the difference between the soles of the authentic and replica, we decided to put the two to our UV light test. We examined the sole under the UV light and to our surprise, we literally found no difference among them. Although, if you’d opt for a much cheaper replica you might not find the Boost cushioning. But, we offer you the highest quality rep shoes that provide the same comfort and design.

The on-foot experience of the replica is also not very different from the authentic ones, as it also features a similar insole and boost cushioning.


The only major difference between the two is the price point. The authentic adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint is priced at $220, while the replica version of the Blue Tint colorway is priced at $120.

Replica Yeezy Boost 700 Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $240/$269-$500
Price (Rep): $150
Total Savings: $90
Sizes Available: All (Men and grade school)
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The classic ‘dad shoe’ adidas Yeezy Boost 700 gets a “Fade Azure” makeup. Just as controversial this shoe became when it launched, it is as sought-after now. Featuring light and dark teal upper comprising of leather, layered mesh, and suede with hits of Azure Blue over the toe box, this classic dons reflective silver detailing on the dubraes and lateral heel. Dark faded grey laces add to the aesthetic with hits of orange on the thick blue midsole that encloses the BOOST cushioning. Rounding off the design is a dark grey outsole with exposed TPU detailing.

Authentic vs. Replica

Let’s draw a comparison between the authentic adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Fade Azure” colorway with replica and see their similarities and differences.


This high-quality 1:1 replica appears and feels to be so similar to the authentic sneaker that even Kanye himself won’t be able to tell them apart. Starting from the upper, you see exactly the same materials including leather, suede, mesh, and reflective material. The textured sole encloses full-length boost cushioning that is visible from the outsole windows, guaranteeing the same comfort. Insole and outsole branding bear no difference.

Cheaper knock-offs have a slight difference in the shape of the silhouette, but this 1:1 beauty mimics the silhouette’s pattern to the minutest detail. If you expose the shoe to lighting, not just lateral heel and dubraes reflect light, but it can also be seen underneath the mesh of the quarter panel exposing adidas’ classic three stripes.

Comfort and Fit

Yeezy Boost 700 is a very comfortable shoe, and if you put on this replica you would experience the same comfort and fit.

Replica Yeezy Foam Runner

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $80/$250-350
Price (Rep): $30
Total Savings: $50
Sizes Available: All (Men and Women)
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Ye is undoubtedly the king of unorthodox designs. The adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR put forward his creative fling and futuristic designing in a clog-like style. This shoe unveils an EVA modeling breakthrough and uses a single material for the whole design, ensuring appropriate weight distribution and balance.

“MX Sand Grey” colorway is crafted to perfection with a marbled pattern of subtle tones. Brown, sand, and blue tones are mixed with pink accents on the exterior of the shoe.

Authentic vs Replica

Let’s compare the authentic and replica pairs of the Yeezy Foam RNNR to see if the replica is worth your money.

Look and Feel

This shoe is made up of only one piece of foam, which is impeccably modeled into the shape of a shoe. This lightweight silhouette appears to be just like the original one. It is a through-out sculpted silhouette that features exactly the same designs, holes, and texture all along. The toe area of the shoe is thicker akin to the original one to make sure the foot is secured safely in place.

In contrast with the cheaper alternative, this replica also endures a texture inside the shoe which can also be seen in the original pair. Cheaper replicas also fail to mention the shoe number and other details, but this iteration features the details of the shoe debossed on the inner side.

If you hold the replica in one hand and the authentic shoe in one hand, you’ll see that even the weight of this shoe is also pretty identical. Lastly, similar to the original the outsole of this replica also features a herringbone pattern and an indent that features adidas’ three-stripe logo.


The Yeezy Foam Runner comes in a top-open box instead of the sliding-out ones. This is a much simpler box contributing to their sustainability efforts. This replica also comes packed in the boxes.

If you question whether the replica ones are worth it or not, then they definitely are. These are hardly ever available in retail and getting them for about $300 is pretty insane. If you can get similar quality at a much lesser price tag, then you should definitely opt for it.

Replica Yeezy Slide Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): $60/$150-250
Price (Rep): $30
Total Savings: $30
Sizes Available: All (Men)
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Just like any other shoe from the Yeezy collection, the Yeezy slides also reflect Ye’s contemporary aesthetic. The Desert Sand colorway features a monochromatic brownish hue in accord with Yeezy’s earthy style. The Yeezy Slides are a one-piece EVA injected foam slide which has a soft top layer over the footbed for a cushiony soft feel, while deep horizontal grooves cut into the serrated outsole to provide excellent comfort and traction.

Authentic vs Replica

Let’s see the similarities and differences among the authentic and replica slides below.


The design of both the slides is exactly the same; one-piece EVA injected slide. Similar grooves can be seen on the sole. The finishing of the rep slide is excellent and gives off the vibe that the two might be manufactured with the same modeling.

On foot experience

The Yeezy slides are composed of a somewhat stiff material as compared to its cheaper knock-offs. The cheaper reps often develop wrinkles and are not finished as neatly. But, the high-quality 1:1 replica that we have here is composed of either the same or very similar material. It feels very comfortable on foot and gives the same feel as with authentic slides. The sizing is also the same as the original one. The only difference here is that the original ones don’t have any stickers or labels attached to them. While the replica comes with a sizing sticker label, it can be easily removed.

These Yeezy slides are 100% worth it as they provide the same comfort, look, and style.

Replica Air Yeezy 2 “Red Octobers” Review

Price (Authentic retail/resale): Not available but originally priced at $250/$5000-18000 and more
Price (Rep): $230
Total Savings: (thousands of dollars)
Sizes Available: All (Men)
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The Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” was the last shoe that was released by Ye and Nike. This pair has been one of the most anticipated sneakers of all time. This is an all-red shoe, with an upper comprised of red-colored nylon, red suede, and TPU with a spiky textured back. Red oval-shaped laces feature gold aglets, over a nylon tongue and are secured by a TPU flap.

This classic comes with a thin leather insole with shoes’ branding on them. The sole of this sought-after pair also comes dressed in red with a full-length foam midsole with a cut-out that exposes Nike Air cushioning inside while finishing off with a red outsole with a herringbone traction pattern.

They come in a classic Red Nike sneaker box with a Red nylon dust bag that features embroidered logos and laces with gold aglets.

Authentic vs replica

Let’s grab a pair of high-quality rep Red Octobers with an authentic one and see how they pan out together.


The design and makeup of the shoe are pretty identical. The color and nylon pattern are also pretty much identical. The finishing on the shoe is also great, you don’t find any glue patches or anything else on the rep pair.

This is such a close replica, that even the texture of suede is almost identical. The fabric used on the insides of the shoe also bears no difference. The pattern on the fuzzy side of Velcro has also been adapted perfectly to the replica.


This rep fits true to size. Looks and feels very comfortable on foot.


This rep comes in a similar red Nike sneaker box and a red Nylon dust bag. The dust bag also features embroidered logos and gold aglets. The only thing different here is that this dust bag features Nike logos, while the authentic one features the Air Yeezy 2 logo. But, you don’t go around walking in the dust bag, it stays home in your cupboard. So, this isn’t something that should bother you.

Are these shoes worth it? 100% yes. Great quality, identical to authentic ones, and great value for money. Considering the authentics sell for more than $18,000, you’re saving a lot of money here!

The replica market 

Hundreds and thousands of replicas of the same product are seen floating around in the world, from the cheapest quality knockoffs to high-quality 1:1 replicas. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of rep sneakers, then you should do some research about where to find the best quality replicas, as most of the high-quality replicas are prepared in the same place as the original one.

Oftentimes, even the same pattern and material are used to manufacture the shoes. They may be slightly expensive as compared to cheaper alternatives but they offer greater quality.

If you think rationally nobody comes closer to your feet to see if you’re wearing authentic or replica sneakers. Nobody notices if one stitch of a thread is going in a slightly different angle. Although these high-quality replicas, hardly bear any difference from the original ones.


Purchasing replica sneakers is a personal choice, but do we recommend it? 100% yes. They are affordable, good quality keeps you up to date with current trends, and are comfortable on foot. The replica market eventually helps increase brand awareness, as the more people have them, the more people will want to have them.

The current sneaker market is thriving on the hype model where the brands generate the hype about a product, release limited pairs that more and more people want which eventually end up in the resale market for a much heftier price tag attached to it. If you don’t want to give in to this hype and save yourself some bucks, while keeping up with the trends, you should definitely check out the high-quality 1:1 replica market.

For more information on replica sneakers, read our article on how to buy replica sneakers.

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