Louis Vuitton DHGate – 3 LV DHGate Dupe Handbags Reviewed

As a high-quality replica specialist, I always kinda cringe when I see cheap replicas. However, many of you have messaged me regarding a site called DHGate that sells replica DHGate Louis Vuitton bags at a good price, so naturally I decided to check it out and find some DHGate sellers of replica handbags.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing 5 purchases from DHGate and seeing how they stack up to the high quality LV reps I’m so familiar with and then how the stack up to the authentic models to see if they’ll pass the call out test. Make sure to read until the end to get my full verdict on replica LV bags on DHGate!

Louis Vuitton DHgate

It’s already not looking good, just like the LV Dupes I reviewed, missing logos, not a good sign. Let’s get in to the reviews, shall we?

Louis Vuitton DHGate Pochette Metis Review

Price: $70
Rating: 3/10

Fortunately, the bag came and it did have the appropriate branding and logos on it, so we’re already beating the Louis Vuitton Dupes.

For a change, I decided to order the empreinte leather version instead of the regular canvas, as I’ll be reviewing an LV Speedy in the regular canvas next. But I immediately knew upon opening this package that this was a disappointment. This would not even pass the naked eye test to anyone who knows even the slightest bit about LV Bags. I went in with an open mind, and was disappointed. Let’s go over why these are clearly “bags from China”.


Firstly, the imprinting pattern is slightly crooked, this doesn’t show well in the pictures but is very apparent. Next, the edges of the petals on the little flower in the pattern should be sharp, but they are round on this LV DHgate bag (I have included a picture of the authentic next to it to show you how evident it is).


Also, I’m 100% sure this bag isn’t real leather, this is some PVC plastic material (this is what you get for the price, I’m not expecting any of these bags to be actual leather). I had to air it out for a few days to get rid of that distinct PVC smell. Apart from that it feels okay, anyone who has touched a luxury bag would know this wasn’t real if they felt it.


The interior leaves a lot to be desired, the Pochette Metis comes with several pockets on the inside, and so does this model. The problem lies with the crookedness of the pockets. This isn’t a major problem though, because people generally don’t get to see the inside of your bag. The printing on the label is also quite bad.


For such a cheap, clearly mass-produced bag, the stitching is good enough for me. No clear fuzzy stitching or skipped stitches etc which you would expect for a bag in this price range.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel confident wearing this bag outside at all. Although I’m an experienced LV bag authenticator, this model failed the naked eye test from quite a distance to me, the flower shape on the canvas is such a dead giveaway. This is why we recommend only getting high-quality LV reps, then your only problem will be deciding which bag to get next!

You know what they say, buy nice or buy twice. Considering the high quality replica of this model sells for only $60 more, it’s a no-brainer for me. On to our next review!

Louis Vuitton DHGate Speedy Review

Price: $50
Rating: 4/10

So after that disaster, I decided to take the plunge on another more common model, as it could have just been by chance that I got a bad replica. The empreinte models have a lot more you can get wrong, so I decided to go with an LV Speedy, such a simple design, how could they mess this up?


This suffers from the same problem, very clearly not leather, for even cheaper than the Pochette Metis I expected no less frankly. The worst part about this is that the handles feel very cheap, meaning I don’t even feel confident when holding it myself.

The hardware is already peeling to reveal an unappealing colour underneath, and the printing on it is a clear giveaway in some places. For $50 this is about right, if you’re happy with walking around with a plastic bag that is clearly fake, then more power to you, but for me I wouldn’t be seen carrying this in public.


Surprisingly, the pattern on the canvas isn’t totally bad, and it’s actually aligned which surprised me. It’s slightly dull as it’s PVC and not leather, but on the whole the colors are as close as you’re going to get at this price point.

The shape of the bag looks quite bad when it’s sat down, but when carried and full of stuff it holds an okay shape. The pull tabs unfortunately are a huge callout, as the holes in them are in the wrong place and the shape is just generally off.


The interior is a nice, deep red color as expected from a DE Speedy, so from sight alone it’s fine. It doesn’t feel great though, quite rough and grainy in comparison to the authentic and high-quality rep. It just doesn’t have a “luxury” feel to it. So if anyone decided to put their hand in your bag for some reason it would be an immediate giveaway.

Despite this, the labels are fine and I can’t see any other problem with the interior of the DHGate Louis Vuitton dupe bag.


This is the best thing about these DHGate bags. Because they are mass produced, the stitching is very consistent on the models, no bad stitching in sight.

Overall, this is slightly better than the Pochette Metis. However, I just cannot give a bag that is not leather more than a 5/10. For $50, it’s a decent attempt to replicate a luxury product, but when you could pay just $80 more for a high quality replica I don’t know why you’d bother.

Louis Vuitton DHGate New Wave Multi-Pochette Review

Price: $66
Rating: 2/10

So once again we delve back in to the world of rarer models. The more common models can be replicated somewhat ok for cheap, so let’s go more expensive and see what they can do.


Unfortunately, I’m even more let down. There’re no excuses for how bad this bag is. I’m quite sure this bag is actually leather unlike the others, although it’s very clear that it’s poor-quality leather. It doesn’t have the “buttery-soft” feel that this model should have.

Canvas & Stitching

As far as the color is concerned, they’ve managed to color-match the LV “Snow” color quite well, no complaints there. There is a little bit of wonky stitching on the bag, but people will rarely see the back of the bag, for some people this is an instant no, but I can look past it. Where the strap connets to the bag also has some bad stitching too.

The strap is honestly the worst part for me, it’s far too wide and dark in comparison to the authentic. I don’t see how you can get the canvas so close, but them miss the target so badly with this. Fortunately, it detaches and comes with a separate chain strap which I’ll use in place.


The logo looks like it’s been welded between the L and the V, this is an obvious callout and is very clear. The hardware is also chipping a little bit revealing a different color underneath. It also feels quite cheap and light, not “lux” at all.

Sadly, it’s another no from me, I wouldn’t be seen wearing this in public even if you paid me. Strike 3, batter out.


Thanks for reading this article, I’ve reviewed 3 of my purchases of Louis Vuitton DHGate bags and been disappointed with every one, just like in the LV dupe reviews, it’s just not worth it when you can get a high quality rep for only a few dollars more. DHGate provides a cheap way to get replica bags, but they are low quality and not even real leather.

As a high-quality rep enthusiast, I cannot recommend these in good faith, for an extra few dollars, so I’m not going to link any of the sellers. Get yourself a high quality version, if you don’t know how, check out my replica Louis Vuitton handbag reviews and find some replica sellers to get a high quality Louis Vuitton replica from. Whether it be a tote bag or a bucket bag you want, you’ll get it all with great customer service!

As always, if you’ve got any questions, just shoot us a message!

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