Replica Amiri Jeans: The Ultimate Guide

Amiri jeans have become all the rage ever since a few rappers started wearing them, but at approaching $1000/pair(see here), they’re not a pair of jeans your average joe can buy without feeling the hole in his pocket. That’s why we’re here, to let you know that you can get a high quality pair of replica Amiri jeans!

Our philosophy here at Good For Deals is to dive deep in to the replica underworld, and find you, the reader, who wants to rock the latest and greatest trends, the best 1:1 replica, at the best price, without you worrying about being scammed. If you’re looking for where to buy high quality replica Amiri jeans, then you’ve landed on the right page! But first, a little about the brand.

Amiri is a brand founded by Mike Amiri, an American fashion designer. It was founded in 2014, with a rock ‘n’ roll grunge aesthetic, with his mainline products being the jeans we all know, and various other punk items like leather jackets and flannels.

Recently however, many big names in the rap world have adopted his style in to streetwear, and now many drips feature the coveted Amiri jeans. Because of this unfortunately, the price and demand for them has skyrocketed, meaning us average folk have to think twice before we buy them.

This is where replicas come in! If you’re new to replicas, you may be thinking of the low-quality items sold on the streets of New York. This is an out-dated view as replicas have come such a long way. Later, we’ll be reviewing a few pairs of Amiri Jean replicas that we copped from factories that specialize in making replica drip streetwear and comparing them to the authentic! Before that, let’s look at things to pay attention to when looking at these replica jeans.

Replica Amiri Jeans: The Important Parts

So, what should you be looking for in a pair of high quality Amiri jean replicas?


Amiri jeans are all distressed, that means either faded or torn to make the jeans look like they’ve been worn and owned for a long time. The biggest callout for Amiri jeans is incorrect levels and shades of distressing. Depending on the color you buy, be it dark grey or light blue, they should have a decent level of distressing on them. We will look at this in more detail when we dive deeper in to looking at individual models.


Every pair of jeans comes with tags on the inside and outside, while the tags on the inside are still important we will focus on the outside, because I doubt anyone who’s trying to tell if you’re drip is fake will be looking at the inside of your jeans.

Regardless, the tag is on the back right side of the jeans. It is black in color and simply says “Amiri” in the bottom right in greyish lettering. The tag is made of leather and should fit in the belt line perfectly.

As you can see below, the low quality replica fails the naked eye test miserably, see how think and non-uniform the text is engraved? Anyone with a keen eye could spot this from a while away. This is why you should NEVER buy from sellers on google, instead deal with our trusted sellers and you’ll get an amazing pair!

replica amiri jeans


Certain models have patterns on them as well as distressing, such as the playboy logo or stars. These are harder to replicate than simple distressing, but I feel that most pairs of amiri reps that I own are 1:1 with their authentic model.


The button at the top of the fly will have “Amiri” engraved in to it. This goes for the zip as well.

Replica Amiri Aged Black ‘Cherub’ Jeans Review

Price(Auth/Rep): $1450/$41
Total Savings: $1409!
Sizes Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!


These fit TTS. I’ve become a bit of a chonker during lockdown and so I ordered a few sizes up from the jean size I still tell myself I am, and I don’t regret it at all. These are a little slim in the legs as most Amiri Jeans are.


The denim quality is great, having been a denim afficionado for a long time (Raw denim fam [email protected]?), I know quality denim when I feel it and it feels great too. They aren’t too stiff however, but they are thick enough to keep my legs warm in winter. I doubt I’ll have any problems with blowouts too as the stitching is great. The distressing on the left knee is also very nice.


These jeans have the Amiri logo on them, with a picture of an angel below them on the right leg. Having compared my superfake amiri jeans to an authentic pair, they really are 1:1.


The tag on the back is sublime, the leather is thick, it’s the perfect shape and the logo is engraved in perfectly. To the naked eye, this pair of jeans is an amazing copy, and saved me over $1409! I get compliments every time I wear these.

Replica Amiri x Chemist Clay Indigo & Denim Stars Jeans Review

Price(Auth/Rep): $1700/$50
Total Savings: $1650!
Sizes Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

Now this is a pair of jeans with character if I ever saw them, any outfit you wear with these will be a head turner. Ever since I saw the authentic model of these I knew I had to have a pair, but at $1700 my bank account said NO! Thankfully I managed to find a supplier of high quality amiri jeans replicas that replicated this model. So let’s take a closer look at them.


As a lighter colored denim, this denim is a bit tougher than the black cherub pair, they’re still very comfortable though. Once worn in and shaped to your legs, they’re a very comfortable pair of jeans. Even though you could wash a pair of jeans like this, I still wouldn’t recommend it due to the stars. But as usual, this is high quality denim that feels basically exactly the same as the original pair, and for a saving of over $1650, that’s well worth it!


As one of the most unique pairs of jeans I’ve ever seen, I didn’t think these would be replicated yet, but I was proven wrong. I’ve seen some awful quality replica models from sellers on google (which you should NEVER buy from by the way), but they are AWFUL! Thankfully, superfake factories came to the rescue with this model for only $50! The stitching on the stars is immaculate as with the jeans themselves, absolutely no complaints in this regard.


Both the inside and outside tags are phenomenal. Should someone decide to look inside your jeans to legit check them they’ll be taken by surprise too. I don’t know how they get these replicas so close to the authentic for such a low price but my wallet thanks them! And yours will too.

Replica Amiri Classic Washed Grey Patched Leather Jeans Review

Price(Auth/Rep): $1430/$43
Total Savings: $1387!
Sizes Available: All
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After one of the craziest pairs of jeans I’ve ever seen, here’s a pair for fans of jeans of the more basic variety. These are the type of jeans Amiri are known for, your regular distressed jeans.


The distressing around the knees is the key area to focus on here, this is what people will be looking at as this is what signifies that they are Amiri. In the closeup picture, you can see that the threads  and lines are replicated to perfection. These jeans also don’t feel any colder around the knees due to the thick denim. These were the first pair of replica jeans I bought and I was a little hesitant at first, wondering if they were going to use high quality denim and I was not disappointed.

Overall, these are one of the most versatile pairs of Amiri jeans I own and you won’t have to worry about your outfit dripping when you’ve got these on, saving almost $1400 on these sounds like a no brainer to me, which one would you rather have? I already know my answer!

Replica Amiri Distressed Panelled Jeans Review

Price(Auth/Rep): $1200/$43
Total Savings: $1157!
Sizes Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

These are a nice pair of funky jeans with pockets on the sides. They are a hybrid between Amiri’s jeans and cargo pants that work fantastically. I’ve always been a fan of lighter blue jeans, but not many companies can pull them off, fortunately for Amiri it’s no problem. I really like how the cargo pockets aren’t too bulky, instead adding to the slimline profile of the jeans.


This denim is slightly thinner than the other distressed models, this isn’t a problem though as it makes them easier to move around in, it makes them feel more like the cargo pants they’re inspired by. The panel aspect of the jeans gives them a real de-constructed look, as if you’d designed and made them yourself, it gives a nice touch to many of my outfits.

Stitching & Pockets

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you have WAY more room to store stuff in this pair of jeans, if you’re like me and you like to carry a lot in your pockets these are for you, as mentioned before even with things in them, the side pockets don’t bulge out too far, meaning they don’t ruin the silhouette of your drip.

The stitching on all the pairs of Amiri replicas I have is amazing but I thought I’d mention for this pair, having so many panels it’s vital that the stitching it top quality, and there’s no skipped stitches or bad stitching anywhere on the jeans. All in all, these are a lovely pair of jeans that would be a great addition to any streetwear wardrobe.

Replica Amiri Embroidered Paisley Jeans Review

Price(Auth/Rep): $1500/$41
Total Savings: $1459!
Sizes Available: All
Interested In Buying? Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

Another simple, yet iconic design from Amiri. It was so hard to choose which pair I was going to get as the final pair in my haul but I decided to go for these. The pattern really makes these stand out, and having spoke to an Amiri enthusiast while our wearing these, he could not stop saying how good they looked!

That’s the beauty of high quality superfakes, he doesn’t know I only spent $41 instead of almost $2000 on these beauties. You CAN have the drip without breaking the bank, and we make it possible! If you’ve read this far I’m sure you know the full story about the quality of these replicas by now so I’ll spare you the details, but the denim, stitching, tags and everything is on point. They’re sold in all sizes and styles, Amiri is a hot brand right now so almost all pairs in all colorways have a superfake clone out there!

In the next section, we’ll talk about where you can get your hands on your own pairs of high quality Amiri replicas!

Where to Buy High Quality Replica Amiri Jeans

Replica factories are producing all types of Amiri jeans due to their current popularity. We here at Good For Deals ONLY recommend deal with the factories directly. Many of you may be tempted to just google them and buy from the top result, but you must be very careful when doing this as there are many malicious individuals out there who will either bait and switch you(send you a low quality pair, after advertising a high quality pair), or will just flat out steal your money. Either that or they’ll just be a middleman and charge you 200% of the price, either way YOU are the loser if you buy from unreputable google sellers.

For more information on where to get the highest quality pairs for the lowest price, join our community to ensure that you stay safe when buying replicas and to get access to all our reviews and much more!


Should you buy replica Amiri Jeans? In our opinion, YES! They get the Good For Deals seal of approval, the replicas we have found are both high quality and affordable. They go really well with a replica Canada Goose jacket! As usual, we recommend staying away from low quality google sellers as you will only end up with a low quality replica, or worse yet, nothing at all as they will scam you! Look forward to our next ultimate replica guide, and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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