Buying Replica Sneakers/Replica Shoes: The Ultimate Guide To Rep Sneakers/Rep Shoes

Be it Yeezys or Jordans, how many times have you tried to buy sneakers online just to see them sold out in an instant? Thesedays, every single sneaker drop(except replica sneakers of course) is infested with bots and scalpers who are looking to make a quick buck re-selling them on sites such as Stockx.

As a fellow sneakerhead, I know this pain all too well, so rest assured, you are not alone. And I too thought I was doomed to a life of only mediocre kicks without the technical knowledge or money to get one of these bots working for myself. With entire communities dedicated to scalping sneakers growing day by day, the chance of real people who care about sneakers getting our hands on nice pairs go down and down.

So is that it? Are we doomed to a life of mediocre kicks and the leftovers that nobody wants? We don’t have to be, all thanks to replica sneakers. Check out my collection below and read on if you want to know more about how to buy the highest quality replicas. Or if you’re interested in buying High Quality Replica Sneakers Get Access To Our Trusted Sellers Database Here!

Replica Sneakers
My Replica Sneaker collection – See any you like?

Why Buy Replica Sneakers?

I know what you’re thinking when you hear the word replica. But let me tell you now, your thinking is outdated. People generally see replicas as low-quality copies of sneakers that are easily spottable. 20 years ago, this was true, but spotting a gap in the market for disappointed sneakerheads like us, factories in China have taken the time to perfect their designs. Most of these superfake sellers remain underground and only sell to a select clientele list, but we can help you with getting on their order list.

Many of these replica superfake sneakers are undetectable to the naked eye and completely uncalloutable. Even the most experienced sneaker authenticators and obsessed sneaker fanatics cannot tell even when holding and inspecting them up close, this is how good these factories have gotten at replicating sneakers.

Now hold your horses before you go searching for “replica sneakers” in google. There are MANY peddlers of bad, low quality sneaker replicas out there who will happily tell you that they only sell the best replicas. That is until they have your money, and you are left with a pair of brick replicas you wouldn’t even wear to the grocery store. Or worse yet they could just completely scam you and not even send you a product at all! This is why it’s super important that you ONLY buy from sellers that are vetted and verified.

Dropping The “Drop” Business Model

Ever since Supreme started doing the “drop” business model, businesses all over the world started to imitate it. To anyone into streetwear, they no doubt remember how fast it all used to sell out immediately after it dropped. Now all sneaker companies are doing the same.

As we mentioned above, over HALF of all sneaker sales through this business model are made via bots set up by scalpers to then re-sell. You don’t have to look far to find videos and blog posts of re-sellers buying up to 20+ pairs of the same sneaker in one drop to re-sell. Despite their best efforts and investments in anti-bot technology, the companies can’t stop them.

And why would they want to? Their sneakers sell out in record time, they don’t care as long as they sell. So, everyone benefits, apart from us, the avid sneakerhead consumer who is left to pay a jacked-up price on Stockx for a model we were looking forward to all year. If this isn’t enough to motivate you to look into replicas, I don’t know what is. It sure was enough for me.

How To Buy Replica Sneakers?

By now you’re most likely convinced, having seen that replicas can be just as good, if not better than the original product at a mere fraction of the price. So how does one go from finding verified and trusted replica sneaker sellers to ordering, to paying and finally having a pair of amazing replicas in your hand? Read on to find out.

Step 1: Measure Your Feet

The first step is to measure your feet. I recommend using a special foot measurer, I got mine cheap on Amazon. You should also recommend buying a tape measure for measuring clothes too, as you’re most likely interested in streetwear if you’re reading this article, and we know the best sellers for them too. A tape measure can also be used to measure insoles, which will help you order the best size.

While replicas are almost perfected, the sizing isn’t standardized between factories. However, they do post measurements, meaning that you can just measure your feet, and the insoles of other sneakers that fit well in order to find the best fit for you.

DO NOT skip this part. I made the mistake of ordering blind once. I got a pair of sneakers that didn’t fit. Fortunately, I was able to sell them to my friend, but don’t make the same mistake I did. Invest the $10 or so necessary to be able to measure your feet properly.

Step 2: Finding Trusted Replica Sneaker Sellers

I’m sure you’ve heard bad things about replicas from people who bought off some untrustworthy seller they found on google or Instagram. It’s a tale as old as time. Fortunately, smart people like us who dig a little deeper beneath the surface to find the real treasure are rewarded with the highest quality replicas at the lowest price, because you’re buying directly from the source.

Finding the sellers isn’t easy. It takes time and multiple orders to see if a seller has good products, and can be trusted. There is a company that I will mention later in this article who has thankfully done all that heavy lifting for us. They have compiled a nice list of trusted sellers of not just replica sneakers(replica jordans, replica yeezys, replica bapesta and so on), but also a huge list of replica streetwear sellers, replica designer clothing sellers, replica watch sellers and replica handbag sellers. Meaning that you save a bucketload of cash while still having dripping fits.

I’ve mentioned it several times in this article, but I’ll say it again. DO NOT buy from sellers you find on google and Instagram. They are not trusted, all the reviews you see for them are faked.

Step 3: Choosing Your Seller

So, by now you should have a list of trusted replica sellers to choose from. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. This is where it is up to you. Sellers generally come recommended by brands they specialize in. For example, one seller may specialize in replica yeezys, whereas another may specialize in replica jordans. I recommend following these guidelines, they have never steered me wrong.

Although you may be shopping for the cheapest seller, I recommended buying the more expensive ones when it comes to replicas. The more money that has gone in to producing a replica, the better it will be.

Step 4: Choosing Your Replica Sneakers

Okay so now you have decided which seller you want to buy your superfake replica sneakers from, which model are you going to buy? This is either the easiest decision or hardest decision of your life. I remember seeing the vast amount of sneaker models that were replicating and forgive me, almost making happy in my pants at how many I could afford to buy.

If you already know what model you’re in the market for, go ahead and look for them. If you don’t, here are a few tips to ensure you get the best quality reps.

More Popular Models

I can vouch for the fact that the most popular models are the best replicated. The pair of replica yeezy foam runners I bought are literally 1:1, nobody has ever called me out on them even after inspecting them up close. I told my closest sneakerhead friend that they were replicas. He freaked realizing that the stacks he’d spent on legit sneakers could have all been saved.

So, if you’re stuck for choice and it’s your first purchase, play it safe and go for a pair of popular sneakers. You won’t regret it.

Watch Videos

I find it hard to know if I like a pair of sneakers from photos. Watching videos really helped me to envision and see the sneakers in 3D and how they would play with various outfits.

Step 5: Ordering Your Replica Sneakers

The replica sneaker market is the most fragmented of all the replica markets. Usually, all sellers either have a webstore, or communicate via WhatsApp. Many sneaker sellers use either, or both, so it’s up to you to get acquainted with these methods.

Using a webstore is easy, you just browse as you would on Amazon or eBay. Search for what you want etc. Meanwhile, on WhatsApp, you will have to add the seller and communicate with them. They will have a large photo album (usually hosted on a website called “Yupoo”), which has sections for each brand of sneaker.

Messaging Etiquette

Remember to be very polite and courteous when messaging the sellers. Some sellers deal with hundreds of orders and inquiries per day, and do not have time for timewasters asking millions of questions and then not buying anything. Keep your inquiries short, and in simple English so they can understand as English often isn’t their first language.

DO NOT be that guy asking one million questions and obsessing over every minor detail, spamming the sellers with messages because they haven’t responded within 10 minutes. It will only lead to them ignoring you because you aren’t worth the time. While the shopping experience may seem like Amazon or eBay, it isn’t, and you have to deal with the downsides to get the good replicas.

Put yourself in their shoes, be sympathetic and remember that they are in a completely different timezone. Abide by these rules and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing pair of replica sneakers.

Step 6: Paying For Your Replica Sneakers

Now for the important part. Once you have decided which model of sneaker replica you want, and your seller has confirmed they have it in your size, and you have both agreed on a price, it is time to pay. I will state again that this isn’t eBay or Amazon here, so you most likely aren’t going to be able to pay with card or PayPal, unless your seller uses TaoBao for taking orders(which we discuss in step 7). Here are the 3 most common payment methods:

Western Union/Moneygram

Western Union has been around for decades, it’s a very safe, reliable method of sending funds abroad and can even be done online from your phone nowadays.  It is safer to do it in person as sometimes they can block transfers done via the internet.

No matter which way you choose to do it, you will get a code that you can send to the seller, which will allow them to collect the money you have sent. Overall, a very simple method, many sellers actually offer discounts for using Western Union because of how simple it makes the entire process.


Wise is the best payment method in my opinion. It allows you to transfer money directly in to the sellers bank account, in their native currency, and it’s all done within a few hours. Simply download the app, enter the details the seller gives you, enter the amount and pay. It may seem like magic to some, but it’s all very simple. If you are stuck, there are many guides out there on how to use it.

Wise has the lowest fees out of all the payment methods, so it is worth it to learn how to use it in my opinion.


Not all sellers accept bitcoin, but if you’re in to sneakers you are probably young like me and therefore at least somewhat familiar with crypto. If you are and are comfortable buying bitcoin, then it’s an easy way to pay, but if not don’t bother and just go with one of the above payment methods.

Step 7: Shipping Your Replica Sneakers

Okay, now that you have paid, this is where the path branches. You will have to make a choice between 2 options:

Option 1: Direct Shipping

Certain sellers ship directly to you. This is convenient, but it means you won’t be able to inspect the sneakers before they ship. While replicas from our trusted sellers from the most part are spot on, there can sometimes be batches that are less than ideal. It is your responsibility to make sure they are good enough.

If you go down this route, make sure to ask for PSPs (pre-shipment photos) before you agree ship. This way you can see the sneakers before they are sent.

Option 2: Agent

The next step is to ship to what’s called an “agent”. These are basically warehouses in China that you can ship products to. Some sellers will require you to use one. They also take care of buying things on websites such as TaoBao, which only people from within China can order from. The agent will take PayPal and card payments which you can then use to buy your order on TaoBao.

One benefit of an agent is that you can request as many close-up HD pictures as you want to ensure that your superfake sneakers are the best quality. You can also choose which courier to ship by (we recommend EMS). The agent we recommend is called WeGoBuy. We receive no commission for recommending them, they are the most user-friendly agent, so we recommend them to beginners.


Nobody, including me, wants to talk about the dreaded “S” word when it comes to buying replica sneakers online. Fortunately, in over 20+ orders, I’ve never had it happen to me. Sadly though, some country’s customs are much more strict than others, so do some research.

If you are really concerned, the best way to avoid seizures is to ship your sneakers without the box. I know it’s anathema to some sneakerheads to not have the box, but it is up to you whether or not it’s worth the risk. It will also save you some money on your shipping costs!

Step 8: Receiving Your Replica Sneakers

This is the best step, and I always know when they’re coming because I never stop checking the tracking! I’m always bounding around like a dog when the postman comes.


If you’ve read this guide from start to end, you will now know how to get the best replica sneakers online and how to stay safe when shopping for them. I now initiate you as a member of the most exclusive club in the world, people who can get 20 pairs of sneakers, for the price of 1! Keep this between us and reap the benefits!

If you’ve got any questions about replicas, do not hesitate to contact us!

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